Dr. Robben voted Top Addiction Doctor in Tampa Magazine (Physician Voting)

dr robben headshotCongratulations to Dr. Robben on being voted TOP ADDICTION MEDICINE DOCTOR for the second year in a row by his physician peers. As a Board Certified Psychiatrist with additional Board Certification in Addiction Psychiatry, Dr. Robben possesses a unique set of skills and training that qualify him to handle complex dual diagnosis issues. Dr. Robben also has the honor and distinction of being approved by the Florida Department of Health (all health licensee boards including Board of Medicine and Board of Nursing) for the evaluation and treatment of Florida Licensed Health Professionals who may be having mental health or substance use issues. This includes participants who may be referred by Florida’s PRN (Professionals Resource Network) or IPN (Intervention Project for Nurses).

Repeated use of alcohol or other drugs changes the brain’s chemistry and structure. Treatment is based on the latest advances in brain science. The primary goal of treatment is to establish recovery. Recovery heals the brain over time.stm_1216_boardprep

Getting and staying sober can be difficult. Whether the problem is alcohol, prescription medications or street drugs, most people who attempt recovery end up relapsing. However, lasting recovery is possible. Treatment works best when driven by experienced clinical experts, bringing together the individual and family to develop a specific care plan. BoardPrep is comprised of top national experts specializing in addiction recovery, psychiatry and behavioral health.

If you are concerned about your own or someone else’s substance use or dual diagnosis, call BoardPrep for a complimentary phone consultation or face-to-face evaluation today.

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