Addiction Recovery Services in Tampa, FL

Addiction Recovery Tampa FLFor individuals in Tampa, FL, and beyond, the first step toward addiction recovery is calling BoardPrep Recovery Center, a Joint Commission-accredited drug and alcohol treatment facility that provides evidence-based treatment in a compassionate environment. We offer a range of personalized inpatient and outpatient treatment programs that can help patients overcome addiction so they can live more fulfilling and productive lives. Treatment at BoardPrep Recovery Center is covered by most major health plans, and we also offer zero-percent financing that can make it easier for patients to receive the services they need.

At BoardPrep Recovery Center in Tampa, FL, we recognize that addiction recovery is a long-term process. Drawing from our team’s extensive experience and the latest addiction research, we provide thorough support to patients before, during, and after treatment through:

  • Evaluation – We have one of the most thorough evaluation systems of any rehab centers in the country, which helps us formulate the ideal treatment plan for each patient. Evaluations may include psychiatric assessments, personality testing, a review of medical records and pharmaceuticals, toxicology, and more.
  • Treatment – Based on evaluation results, we develop a personalized addiction recovery plan that takes into account a patient’s environment, culture, and family system, among other factors. Our 30-, 60-, and 90-day programs include one-on-one therapy, group therapy, life skills and coping skills training, and other forms of treatment.
  • Monitoring and recovery support – Because monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of drug and alcohol treatment, we utilize cutting-edge monitoring technology and recovery support practices. SOBERLINK mobile breathalyzers and randomized drug tests are just two of the tools we use to achieve patient accountability during addiction recovery.

To discuss how our addiction recovery services can help you or a loved one recover from dependency on drugs or alcohol, contact BoardPrep Recovery Center of Tampa, FL, today.