ASAM Criteria are utilized clinically, for multi-dimensional assessment and level-of-care recommendations 

About ASAM Continuum of Care (American Society of Addiction Medicine)

  • BoardPREP services span ASAM level 0.5 to level 2.5, which include Intensive Day Treatment with monitored Recovery Residence based on the ASAM Criteria.
  • “IOP”, Monitoring and Recovery Support
  • 95% of substance use and co-occurring disorders are clinically appropriate for these “non-hospital or non-institutional” levels of care
  • When inpatient detoxification services are necessary, the ASAM Criteria, BoardPrep utilizes trusted community partners and closely monitors care to facilitate continuity of treatment upon discharge.


  • BoardPREP strictly adheres to the evidence-based continuum of care model developed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the ASAM Criteria. Clinically appropriate levels of care are determined by a personalized multi-dimensional assessment utilizing the ASAM Criteria. Research has shown that up to 95% of substance use and co-occurring disorders should be treated in the following ASAM treatment levels, which are offered by BoardPrep:
  • Monitored recovery residences are available for all BoardPrep participants
  • Level 2.5, based on the ASAM Criteria: Also known in the field as PHP or Day/Night Treatment. At BoardPREP, level 2.5 is referred to as “PHP Plus” or “Intensive Day Treatment” consisting of 20+ hours of clinical services by licensed experts weekly. Services include individual and family therapy, groups therapy, “in-community recovery support” services and leading-edge recovery monitoring through BoardPrep’s eHealth system.
  • Level 2.1, based on the ASAM Criteria: Also known as IOP or Intensive Outpatient, BoardPrep’s Level 2.1 program consists of 9 to 12 hours weekly of clinical services by licensed experts, plus recovery support services including randomized toxicology monitoring
  • Level 1.0, based on the ASAM Criteria: Individual or Family Therapy, mainly intended for patients in level 0.5 who need additional services.
  • Level 0.5, based on the ASAM Criteria: Monitoring and Recovery Support, including randomized toxicology monitoring