Individuals who work in safety-sensitive and public-trust positions are often regulated by various peer-review or oversight boards, such as:

  • National Transportation Safety Board
  • Boards of bar examiners
  • Medical boards
  • Nursing boards
  • Boards of dentistry
  • Other health boards
  • Credentialing boards in hospitals
  • College admission boards
  • Licensure boards
  • Certification boards

BoardPrep utilizes a highly specialized and tailored treatment approach that maximizes best outcomes, while preparing the strongest possible advocacy and mitigation on the event of a board sanctions. BoardPrep staff have successfully advocated for restoration of credentials and careers to numerous professional boards across the Untied States.


Employers value BoardPrep’s focus on the work environment. The professionals at BoardPrep understand and foster

  • Risk mitigation and abatement
  • Productivity and revenue recovery

Employer Services

  • Drug-free workplace monitoring and support
  • Safety determination for return to work
  • Supervisor training and support