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Exclusive affordable rehab in beautiful Tampa, Florida

Engaging and Effective . . . A warm and engaging approach throughout the treatment experience is associated with better outcomes. Many established professionals’ treatment programs settle for mere attendance and compliance as the benchmark of success. Effective treatment, however begins with engaging individuals in a process that leads to personal, intrinsic and meaningful change. Additionally, engaging families and supervisors are the keys to transferring personal success into the home and workplace. At BoardPrep Recovery Center, engagement is everything.

Affordable . . .  BoardPrep is affordable for families, appealing to self-insured employers and is also compatible with emerging health insurance plans. At half of the cost of our competitors, BoardPrep utilizes a state-of-the-art self-efficacy treatment paradigm to deliver ASAM treatment levels 0.5 to 2.8 through a unique, proprietary and highly-effective system.

NIDA estimates that ASAM levels .5 – 2.5 are clinically appropriate for 95% of people with substance use and co-occurring disorders. However, due to the historically poor quality of programs and a tendency to bundle more effective treatment services with a high-cost inpatient environment, many patients, families and employers are confronted with a difficult dilemma when choosing a treatment provider. They must either choose to take a chance with the available “IOP” or become financially over-extended with a high cost 60 to 90 day inpatient program.

BoardPrep however “unbundles” the best-practices elements necessary for great outcomes, away from high-cost and difficult-to-access residential and inpatient-style programs, offering them in in a safe, humane and engaging environment for a fraction of the cost.

Like a concierge-style medical practice, BoardPrep truly puts the needs of the patient and family first. This includes:

  1. Return-to-work planning from Day 1
  2. Transparent and collaborative treatment plans and time line

Highly affordable, highly engaging, and highly effective – BoardPREP’s unique treatment system maximizes outcomes for the employee, while minimizing disruption to the family and employer.

Person and family-centered service delivery model

People deliver treatment services, not buildings or programs. Yet the names and marketing materials of many treatment centers emphasize “place” rather than service. Such places are often beautiful. They also have many “beds” to fill on a daily basis. Centers with 50 – 100 beds have become the norm. Their business models are based on volume and include real-estate holdings and very large budget pressures. The cost of such a large and hungry operation can ultimately be shifted to the patient, family and employer. The actual costs of treatment services are obscured by terminology such as “program rate” and “per diem.” Essential treatment components are bundled with a high-cost (and sometimes unnecessary) inpatient bed. Licensed therapists are rare in such settings because they may be seen as unnecessary and expensive by institutional leadership. Historically, these programs charge for “time and location” versus “service and expertise.” This leads to a non-engaging “one size fits all” approach, setting up an unsatisfying experience by all stakeholders. Clinical outcomes are predictably bad in this established model.

The BoardPrep Recovery treatment model promotes higher quality and better outcomes by focusing on what matters most. BoardPrep’s person-centered, provider-based service delivery model puts the patient and family first and empowers them to get the most out of their insurance coverage. Since ALL clinical services are delivered by licensed health professionals, BoardPREP is the preferred provider for many self-insured employers and is the go-to out of network option for those seeking the best treatment at the best price.

Evaluation Services

  • Comprehensive, Interdisciplinary team approach (PhD, MD, LCSW, LMHC, ICADC)
  • Multidimensional assessment

ASAM Criteria

Intensive Day Treatment with or without Sober Housing (Recovery Residences)

  • Leading-edge monitoring tools & Recovery Support practices Family-systems & Person-in-environment philosophy
  • Minimum of 21 clinical service hours delivered by all licensed and board-certified experts weekly
  • Innovative & intensive recovery support and monitoring component 7 days a week
  • In-community recovery immersion system

IOP, Intensive Outpatient

  • 3 to 5 partial days-a-week of Treatment
  • Monitoring & Recovery Support

Monitoring & Recovery Support only

  • Leading-edge monitoring tools & Recovery Support practices

Employer Services

  • Return-to-work focus
  • Drug-free workplace monitoring and support


The BoardPREP Difference

  • Affordable, accessible, engaging, effective
  • Long-term approach that minimizes life-disruption
  • Patient-centered, shared decision making approach
  • Highly experienced, licensed & board certified clinicians
  • BoardPREP Treatment is fully or partially covered by many health plans