If you or someone you know is dealing with addiction, you may be wondering what forms of help are available. A quick Google search reveals inpatient rehab programs, outpatient programs, medically assisted detox and treatment programs, and more. These options can quickly become overwhelming. We’re here to help clear up any confusion. If you’re living in or near the Tampa, FL, area, an inpatient medical detox program in Tampa, FL, may be right for you.

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If you are looking to learn the difference between the various sorts of rehab programs, from inpatient drug rehab to outpatient services, keep reading.

What Is Similar Between an Inpatient Rehab Program and Outpatient?

An inpatient rehab program and an outpatient rehab program are going to involve many of the same treatment protocols. These vary from provider to provider but can include medical detox programs, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), group therapy and support (AA-style meetings), and many other forms of therapy and counseling (even including things like pet therapy and art therapy in some cases). This is because healing addiction means more than simply healing the body; the mind and soul must be addressed as well. Some of BoardPrep Recovery Centers’ programs are CBT, DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), family, and holistic addiction therapy services in Tampa, FL.

During your course of treatment, you’ll interact with both inpatient rehab program participants as well as outpatient. In fact, until you head home after your treatments are finished, you may not even know who is in which group.

What Makes an Inpatient Rehab Program Different from Outpatient?

As you might guess from the name, the biggest difference between an inpatient rehab program and an outpatient one is that in an inpatient rehab program, clients do not return to their own homes when therapy and counseling sessions are completed for the day. Instead, they stay in a rehab facility 24/7 for the length of their rehab.

The advantage of this form of care is the increased accountability that comes with it. Clients are in a sober, completely accountable environment at all times during their stay, which greatly reduces the risk of relapse during treatment.

Many clients and their families have a mental picture of what inpatient care looks like that is not accurate. In some states, inpatient care looks a lot like hospitalization. Patients are not allowed to leave the care facility in any way, and it can feel almost like a prison. That’s not the way that we operate, nor is it the norm in the state of Florida.

In our inpatient programs, clients return to a private home when their day is done, just not their own homes. We maintain several gender-separate homes as a part of our program. These homes are discreet, meaning there’s nothing about them that from the outside says “this is a rehab house.” At the same time, they are monitored. Clients have the freedom to relax in a comfortable, yet safe and sober environment. This model is sometimes dubbed the Florida Model.

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What Are the Homes Like?

Our clients love the comforts of the private homes we maintain as a part of our program. Check out this list of amenities and features:

  • Private, discreet, dedicated gender-specific homes
  • Exclusive admission policy
  • Confidential locations
  • Well furnished
  • Private rooms available
  • Monitored and safe, buddy system implementation
  • Active, engaging recovery-focused activities that tap into the power of the group
  • Close to the grocery store, gym and the “best 12-step meetings in Tampa”
  • Very close to the area’s best medical care
  • Facilitated recovery-support activities in the community
  • 5 minutes from Tampa International Airport

Who Is a Good Candidate for an Inpatient Rehab Program?

There are several scenarios where an inpatient rehab program is likely a better choice than an outpatient program, including these:

  • Addiction has been going on for some time
  • Little to no control or management of addiction
  • Weak or nonexistent support network at home

If any of these describe your situation, you should seek inpatient care.

BoardPrep Recovery Center

If you’re looking for rehab care of any kind in the Tampa, Florida, area, BoardPrep Recovery Center is the right choice. We offer a solid, effective inpatient rehab program, among other offerings. Some of our other offerings include these:

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