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Call 813-600-7929 now. A licensed and experienced clinician is available to talk even on weekends and evenings.

A phone call is all that is required to get the court-advocacy process started right away. After a brief phone interview, we can determine if BoardPrep Recovery can potentially help with your legal situation. If so, the next steps will be to pay a deposit toward the recommended evaluation or treatment fee and then sign consents so that we can begin advocating for you with the court. Consents will be for us to communicate with your attorney and court representatives. If you do not yet have an attorney, we can assist you in finding one who understands how to utilize treatment as mitigation.

Sometimes, coming in for the evaluation or treatment right away is recommended in order to avoid further legal consequences. We can begin the process today and you or your loved one could be safe in treatment with 24-72 hours. We are licensed and experienced clinicians. Safety first AND results, these are what matter most.

BoardPrep Recovery Center has experts experienced in substance abuse and mental health court proceedings, family court, DUI, criminal court, professional boards and administrative hearings. BoardPrep experts have a proven track record of turning treatment success into advocacy and mitigation where needed. Call 813-600-7929 now. A licensed and experienced clinician is available to talk even on weekends and evenings. We will help you and your loved one understand the options and make the best decision for recovery. Safety first AND results matter most!mental health counselor Liz Harden headshot

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Court Advocacy
Addiction, alcohol and substance use disorders tend to create legal problems.  BoardPrep knows how work with the courts, judges and attorneys to turn legal problems into incentive for treatment and recovery. As our lead court advocate, Liz Harden has over 20 years of experience in Drug Court, Pre-trial Intervention, mitigation, advocacy and Mental Health Courts. In addition to being licensed as  Mental Health Counselor, Liz Harden is also a Certified Addiction Professional and Certified Criminal Justice Addiction Professional. She can be reached at 813-600-7929.