A comprehensive evaluation process sets BoardPrep apart from other providers. Since BoardPrep understands best outcomes derive from best-practices, we make sure you or your loved-one receive an accredited clinical evaluation before committing to a program. BoardPrep utilizes best-practice tools approved by the American Psychiatric Association and the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Evaluation Options

Office Visit: Basic (1-2 hours) and Extended (2-4 hours)

Multi-Day Comprehensive Eval: 1 day to 3 days as indicated with housing facilitated by request

BoardPrep features a unique interdisciplinary team approach, including addiction psychiatrists, clinical psychologist and clinical social workers. The team also includes mental health counselors, certified addiction professionals and legal professionals. Furthermore, utilizing the six dimensions of focus recommended by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, staff gather the necessary data through objective psychological testing, personality inventory and biopsychosocial history.

Staff also utilize neurocognitive testing, toxicology, biomarker testing, urine, blood-spot, hair, nails, review of medical records, prescription drug review, collateral contacts, safety-to-practice considerations, academic performance review, fitness-for-duty and return to work/school planning. With the findings of each assessment, BoardPrep experts develop a tailored plan for each patient and, in this way, staff bases the treatment plans on the needs and preferences of each individual.


BoardPrep Recovery offers leading-edge addiction and mental health rehab in beautiful South Tampa. BoardPrep experts specialize in the treatment of serious addiction and complex dual disorders. Based on the successful physician health recovery model, BoardPrep improves long-term results through enhanced structure, coaching and ongoing recovery monitoring.

Through 30 years of clinical experience, the clinician founders developed the BoardPrep treatment method. BoardPrep’s evidence-based approach improves patient follow-through and outcomes. Furthermore, BoardPrep customizes addiction treatment and mental health treatment to better address the complex personal and social challenges people face that can lead to relapse.