Hospital services are offered through facilitation and case management by local providers we work with.

Bedside Evaluations

Upon request, BoardPrep’s treatment experts partner with area hospitals or detox centers that facilitate evaluations for addiction/dual-diagnosis treatment. In such circumstances, experts prefer a direct transfer to BoardPrep, once the attending physician discharges the patient from the hospital services. A BoardPrep expert will be there to support family members through each step of the process once they are transferred. Furthermore, we’ll make sure this transition into addiction recovery is comfortable and free of stress.

Psychiatric Stabilization

At times, substance use leads to destabilization of mental illness, and for safety reasons, the person needs hospital services on a psychiatric unit for stabilization. Mania, psychosis, depression, or severe anxiety can easily become the primary issue in such circumstances. BoardPrep’s treatment experts will help facilitate admissions to our local inpatient hospital partner, a unit where the patient’s BoardPrep Psychiatrist has privileges in order to create continuity of care. In such circumstances, a direct transfer to BoardPrep is preferred once the patient is discharged from the hospital. A BoardPrep expert will be there to support family members through each step of the process when they are discharged.

Medical Detox

hospital services at BoardPrep.

BoardPrep Recovery offers leading-edge detox in beautiful South Tampa, Florida. BoardPrep experts specialize in detox and the treatment of serious addiction and complex dual disorders. Based on the successful physician health recovery model, BoardPrep improves long-term results through enhanced structure, coaching, and ongoing recovery monitoring.

Through their 30 years of clinical experience, the clinician founders developed the very successful BoardPrep treatment method. BoardPrep’s evidence-based approach improves patient follow-through. Furthermore, BoardPrep customizes drug and alcohol rehab services to better address the complex personal and social challenges people face that often lead to relapse.

Hospital Services and Addiction Rehab Programs

Outside hospital services through our partners, we also offer a wide range of addiction treatments and therapies. For example, these include:

As a result, you will have access to numerous modalities and a custom treatment plan with the hospital services provided by our partners. This will give you the best chance at a successful recovery.

Seek Help Now at BoardPrep Recovery Center

Specifically, is your addiction causing major problems in your life? If so, you can reinvent your lifestyle with BoardPrep in Tampa, Florida. Moreover, our hospital services include the care and guidance you deserve for overall wellness improvements. To learn more, contact our staff today at 866-798-3362.