BoardPrep’s Center for Medical Students in Recovery is an alcohol rehab and drug rehab located in beautiful Tampa, Florida. The professionals at the Center for Medical Students in Recovery have evaluated and treated over 1000 licensed health professionals from Florida and across the nation, since 1998. The BoardPrep Center for Medical Students in Recovery is trusted by Florida’s Department of Health and members of the Federation of State Physician Health Programs to evaluate and treat medical students, utilizing the latest advances in treatment, targeted to the special needs of medical students in recovery.

Alcohol and drug use are now the leading cause of death among young adultsrecently overtaking car crashes, (many of which are also drug and alcohol related). More potent drugs, mixing drugs and other high risk behavior is leading to an unprecedented surge in overdose deaths in young people between 18 and 25.

The good news: Early intervention and proper treatment work! BoardPrep Center for Medical Students in Recovery is a private rehab center in Tampa, Florida tailored for students and professionals. Our science-based and innovative approach minimizes time away from class.

BoardPrep Students in RecoveryBeginning with a comprehensive assessment, treatment plans are precisely customized to address the complex interplay of physical, mental, motivational, environmental and spiritual challenges. This innovative approach creates an optimal recovery experience and best long-term outcomes.

Excerpts from interview with Founders Liz and John Harden about the Medical Students in Recovery program at BoardPrep

Why BoardPrep Recovery Center for students? Liz: Full-continuum, tapering treatment is a better approach for medical students who struggle with alcohol or drugs. BPRC is highly effective and engaging. Our approach creates success while minimizing school disruption. John and I both graduated from local Universities. We designed BPRC to help address the unique pressures and challenges that medical students in recovery face.

How did BoardPrep start? John: For years, Liz and I saw the limitations and stigmatizing effects of big-box rehabs. We started BoardPrep to bring best treatment practices, based on the latest scientific advances to South Tampa. The BoardPrep Center for medical students in recovery was created in response to demand by local Universities to address the growing need for treatment and monitoring tailored for medical students in recovery.

What’s new at BoardPrep? John: We recently expanded to our new facility located on Kennedy Blvd. in South Tampa. Local and out-of-state students are eligible to participate in the BoardPrep Center for Medical Students in Recovery. Call to schedule a consultation.

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