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Engaging Young People in Recovery

“Recovery” is more rewarding than drug use in the long run. But young people have difficulty believing this in early stages of treatment. Therefore, making recovery attractive, engaging and interesting from day one is necessary. This includes staying busy with new people, new places and new things that are all about a new way of…

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Derek Robben MD

Family sessions with the Doctor are standard at BoardPrep Recovery Center Dr. Robben holds dual board-certifications in addiction psychiatry and general psychiatry and completed his addiction fellowship at the University of South Florida. Dr. Robben is the Director of the Addiction Psychiatry Residency Program at USF. He has been published in peer reviewed journals and earned the following awards:…

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5 things to ask when looking for a rehab

1. Individualized Does the program tailor treatment to the needs of each patient? No single treatment is right for everyone. The best treatment addresses a person’s various needs, not just his or her drug abuse. 2. Flexible Does the rehab adapt treatment as the patient’s needs change? Individual treatment and service plans must be assessed…

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Executive Outpatient Program

Executive Outpatient Program BoardPrep offers the Executive Outpatient Program for local working professionals. Starting with a thorough clinical assessment, eligible professionals enter a specialized track of BoardPrep’s IOP, with enhanced support. Our engaging patient-centered approach overcomes obstacles that often prevent people from getting the help they need. Available weekend sessions, evening and daytime therapies provide…