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What is Marijuana?

As marijuana use becomes legal as a medical option, people are beginning to wonder, what is marijuana? Marijuana, a powerful hypnotic drug, raises levels of pleasure chemicals in the user’s brain. The flood of chemicals causes extreme pleasure, calmness and may raise or suppress appetite. The drug relaxes some people and energizes others. Repeated drug…

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BoardPrep Sponsors Physician Health Conference

April 2017 BoardPrep Recovery Center joins Caron Foundation and Bradford Health as Diamond Level sponsors for the annual conference of the Federation of State Physician Health Programs. BoardPrep Executive director Liz Harden: “Our sponsorship represents BoardPrep’s commitment to promoting the important advocacy work being accomplished by State Physician Health Programs every day. They demonstrate a…

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Balancing Act

BALANCING ACT 4-7-17 LET GO: of unhealthy extremes. PRACTICE balanced recovery. REMEMBER “Many alcoholics are enthusiasts. They run to extremes.” BB p. 126.  You think??  We, along with Mae West, often say: “Too much of a good thing is wonderful.” While visiting a meeting off my beaten path, I was intrigued to hear so many members…

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Blind Spots

BLIND SPOTS 4-7-17 LET GO: of unacknowledged prejudice, defects, bias, rationalization. PRACTICE: paying attention to “blind spot warnings.” REMEMBER: Neat technology! Another bell/whistle on my Pathfinder is the “blind spot warning system.”  It recognizes (even if we don’t) that we all have blind spots while driving.  And, it flashes a signal when a car is in…

individualized treatment

Individualized Treatment

Private Rooms and Individualized Care A private bedroom in an upscale recovery residence sets a relaxing tone. Delicious meals remind residents they are loved. A safe and clean environment reinforces a sense of security. Residents cherish the empathy and sensitivity shown by our team. Perhaps already at one of the lowest points of their lives,…

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Our name, BoardPrep

Board (The Highest Standard) Prep (Personalized Recovery Program)  BoardPrep is the highest standard in personalized recovery Individualized treatment plans Licensed detox Private rooms upon request Same-day/next-day admissions Licensed and certified individual and group therapists 12 step approach Medical approach Psychiatric treatment included Tailored outpatient options available Sobriety coach In-community recovery support In-home support Family program Cost-effective Outpatient…