Recovery Coach Training

Recovery Coach Training Orientation Session When: Monday, December 12, 2016 Where: 2522 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33609 Who: the orientation is free and open to anyone interested in working in the addiction recovery field. Classes will begin in January and will be free for eligible BoardPrep Alumni. A small fee will be charged for non-alumni to…

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Jobs in Early Recovery

Early recovery can be strengthened through meaningful work. Continued recovery remains the top priority during this exciting time. Experience has taught us that jobs that support early recovery adhere to the following criteria: Daytime hours Regular hours (reliable and consistent) Alcohol-free work environment Regular pay W2 form issued Not tip-based (except for daytime, alcohol-free restaurant) No…

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Licensed, Accredited, Experienced

What does it mean to be accredited under the Behavioral Health Standards of the Joint Commission? Accreditation as a BEHAVIORAL HEALTH ORGANIZATION by the Joint Commission is a higher standard with more rigor in the areas that matter most to treatment consumers and families. Hospital-based programs are exempt from the behavioral health standards and are often only…


Why can’t he quit?

The professionals at BoardPrep Recovery Center, an exclusive rehab in Tampa, Florida help families understand the answer to this question every day. Addiction is not
willful; rather it is a disease that “hijacks”
the brain. When you suggest a person quit or cut back, they may FEEL as though you are telling them to go without food…


Medical Students in Recovery

  BoardPrep’s Center for Medical Students in Recovery is an alcohol rehab and drug rehab located in beautiful Tampa, Florida. The professionals at the Center for Medical Students in Recovery have evaluated and treated over 1000 licensed health professionals from Florida and across the nation, since 1998. The BoardPrep Center for Medical Students in Recovery is trusted by…


Addiction Recovery in Tampa, FL

Addiction Recovery Services in Tampa, FL For individuals in Tampa, FL, and beyond, the first step toward addiction recovery is calling BoardPrep Recovery Center, a Joint Commission-accredited drug and alcohol treatment facility that provides evidence-based treatment in a compassionate environment. We offer a range of personalized day-night and outpatient treatment programs that can help patients…