BoardPrep Recovery is based on the PHP model (Physician Health Programs) which is recognized for producing an 80% success rate. Intellectual inquiry and clinical application of the latest addiction treatment research findings is in BoardPrep’s DNA.  We are passionate about making treatment more engaging and effective. BoardPrep Recovery Center is based on the highly successful…


Why Can’t He Quit?

The professionals at BoardPrep Recovery Center, an exclusive rehab in Tampa, Florida help families understand the answer to this question every day. Addiction is not
willful; rather it is a disease that “hijacks”
the brain. When you suggest a person quit or cut back, they may FEEL as though you are telling them to go without food…

rehab admissions at BoardPrep

Understanding Diagnostic Interplay

“Over-diagnosis and under-diagnosis are real problems in psychiatry. The true diagnostic picture usually begins to emerge after detoxification and some time. Many of the diagnoses need to be teased out over several sessions.” BoardPrep’s experts provide integrated and concurrent treatment for: Anxiety Mood Attention Sleep Pain Post-acute withdrawal BoardPrep tailors recovery plans with awareness and respect…

brain science with BoardPrep

Addiction Health Summit

John Harden directed the Florida Society of Addiction Medicine (FSAM) as the Executive from 2006-2014, leading the specialty medical society to advocate in the FMA for key policy initiatives and executing important national educational conferences and summits – including Florida Society of Addiction Medicine at the UF Brain Institute 1 and 2, FSAM Conference at USF…



Register Here for September 22nd event at Tampa Yacht and Country Club “Community Forum on Teen and Young Adult Mental Health” PROGRAM DESCRIPTION FULL RESOLUTION POSTCARD Sponsors Tampa Bay Foundation for Mental Health BoardPrep Recovery Center Rogers Behavioral Health Program Description The first Community Forum on Young Adult & Teen Mental Health brings together parents, mental…


Addiction Medicine Specialty Grows

ASAM applauds announcement of new addiction medicine board examination in fall of 2017 by ASAM Staff | November 30, 2016 ASAM Applauds the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM) and The Addiction Medicine Foundation (TAMF) regarding new addiction medicine board examination in fall of 2017   November 30, 2016 – Today the American Board of Preventive…