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About BoardPrep

BoardPrep Recovery Center® is Tampa’s best resource for addiction and mental health recovery. We offer evidence-based treatment options, all of which are grounded in decades of medical and psychological treatment experience. To learn more about our team, please reach out to BoardPrep Recovery Center® today.

Treatment for Professionals

Doctors, nurses, and other health professionals are at a heightened risk of substance abuse. Our specialty treatment program for health professionals addresses the unique needs of wounded healers. BoardPrep also provides specialty treatment for attorneys and other career professionals. To learn whether our treatment program is right for your needs, please contact BoardPrep Recovery Center® today.

Young Adult Treatment Programs

Millions of young adults across the country are battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Depression and anxiety are also at an all-time high among college-aged men and women. Our team provides an engaging and effective treatment plan for young adults struggling with addiction or mental health challenges. With our unique person-in-environment approach to recovery, BoardPrep creates better treatment outcomes by building the skills and habits for life-long recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

If your substance use has led to or is caused by a mental health condition, you’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide suffer from co-occurring disorders. Fortunately, as a dual-diagnosis treatment program, BoardPrep treats mental health conditions and substance abuse simultaneously, giving you the best possible treatment outcome.

Why Doctors and Therapists Recommend BoardPrep

“Many of our referral sources are health professionals. They expect good outcomes, professional-level communication,  family engagement and no surprises. The BoardPrep team works hard everyday to earn their continued trust.”

-John Harden, Clinical Director

BoardPrep Recovery is based on the latest advances in brain science. Additionally, BoardPrep treatment programs are evidence-based, meaning they are rooted in scientific research. Furthermore, BoardPrep offers doctor-to-doctor communication on all referrals, as well as unparalleled case management expertise.


Addiction Treatment Center

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Our addiction treatment center is committed to providing the best individualized treatment plan for each person in our program. To that end, we offer a wide array of addiction treatment options. To learn about our services, please reach out to BoardPrep Recovery today.

Medical Detox Programs

When a person is trying to recover from addiction, the first step is to safely remove the addictive substances from the body. A medical detox program makes this process safer and more comfortable by reducing cravings and managing other withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox at BoardPrep leads to better treatment engagement and better long-term recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Program with Supportive Housing

BoardPrep offers Partial Hospitalization, also known as day-treatment, with supportive housing and a private bedroom. PHP with housing is a safe and effective alternative to institutional treatment settings that cause people to feel like they don’t belong. PHP from your own home is also available, when clinically appropriate, allowing participants to put the skills they learn into practice. BoardPrep’s engaging approach leads to better results.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient treatment is an excellent treatment option for those who have already completed a partial hospitalization program. During this treatment option, clients can attend therapy about three or four hours a day for about three to four days each week. As with any other treatment option, we can tailor this treatment to your unique needs. IOP may also be utilized as the initial level of care when clinically appropriate, based on an assessment by a qualified professional.

Outpatient Program

Once you’ve finished other levels of care, an outpatient treatment program is a great option. Outpatient treatment allows you to attend treatment once or twice a week. This gives you the opportunity to learn and practice new relapse prevention skills while staying connected to the support and care of people you’ve come to trust.

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