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Fresh Start

Bespoke Wellness

Medical and emotional well-being are personal. Our personalized wellbeing approach provides the sense of safety and comfort that is essential for your healing to begin.

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Recovery Residence

Partial Hospitalization

A nurturing environment lays the groundwork for sustainable recovery. An effective alternative to institutional treatment, PHP creates a sense of belonging and community, essential for healing.

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Strengthen Recovery

Intensive Outpatient

Participating in our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is an excellent way to strengthen recovery after completing PHP.

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Continue Recovery

Outpatient Program

Continuing outpatient treatment after PHP greatly increases rates of continuing success. Options include supportive ongoing therapy, EMDR, ACT, and CBT, as well as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

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Personalized Well-being Programs

Our well-being and mental health treatment programs provide the best individualized treatment plans for each person in our care. We utilize the trauma-informed care (TIC) perspective in all aspects of our mental health and addiction treatment options. To learn more about our services, call BoardPrep Recovery today.

Why Doctors Recommend BoardPrep

Doctors recommend BoardPrep Recovery for its cutting-edge approach, grounded in the latest brain science. Its treatment programs are evidence-based, ensuring they’re supported by scientific research. BoardPrep also prioritizes direct doctor-to-doctor communication for referrals and boasts exceptional case management skills.


“Experts confidently rely on BoardPrep for providing unparalleled treatment to professionals in safety-sensitive roles. This trust is built on our commitment to professional-grade communication, strong partnerships with community support systems, and exceptional family involvement. Every day, the BoardPrep team dedicates itself to maintaining and enhancing this trust through our unwavering dedication to excellence.”

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About BoardPrep

BoardPrep Recovery Center® stands out as a premier wellness program tailored specifically for professionals from across the country. Located in the heart of Tampa, we are renowned as the top choice for individuals seeking recovery from chronic stress, professional burnout, depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders. Our approach is rooted in evidence-based treatment methods, leveraging years of medical and psychological expertise to offer the most effective care. We pride ourselves on creating personalized treatment plans, meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of each person we serve. If you’re looking to discover more about our dedicated team and how we can support your journey to wellness, we encourage you to contact BoardPrep Recovery Center® today 866.796.4720.

About BoardPrep
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For All Professionals

BoardPrep supports professionals from all sectors, addressing common challenges like stress, burnout, and addiction. Drawing on our experience with healthcare professionals, we provide specialized care tailored to the unique demands of high-stress careers. Our programs extend beyond healthcare, offering targeted solutions for a wide range of professionals seeking comprehensive wellness support.

Ultimate Guide to Physician Wellness

Professional Wellbeing At Boardprep

Physicians and healthcare professionals face immense stress in their work, with constant high stakes and pressure. BoardPrep addresses their unique mental health and well-being needs, benefitting their own health and the quality of care they provide.

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Mental Health

We understand the pressures on physicians and other professionals. Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) with housing helps you through mental health challenges, while ensuring key priorities like confidentiality, discrete support, and expertise.

What Sets Us Apart

BoardPrep Recovery is based on the latest advances in brain science. Additionally, BoardPrep treatment programs are evidence-based, meaning they are rooted in scientific research. Furthermore, BoardPrep offers doctor-to-doctor communication on all referrals, as well as unparalleled case management expertise.

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Professional Well-being, Nationally Renowned in beautiful Tampa, Florida


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