“Having the Willingness”: An Essential Ingredient for Success in (and out of) Rehab

In early recovery, it can be somewhat challenging to grasp, let alone “get on board” with, the importance of “having the willingness,” a phrase often repeated or emphasized in alcohol and drug treatment centers and 12 Step programs. So, what does “having the willingness” mean in the context of addiction treatment? It would probably be…

woman and man practicing spirituality in recovery

How Spirituality in Recovery Can Make a Positive Difference

At BoardPrep Recovery Center, we provide rehabilitation services for clients throughout the continuum of care. From early detox to aftercare options, we understand the importance of recovery options when you are trying to become sober. Spirituality in recovery helps you connect to your sense of purpose, and allows you to define connections beyond yourself. Spirituality…

What is glass

What Is Glass?

What is glass? Crystal methamphetamine, or crystal meth, is an illegal, habit-forming drug with an impact on your central nervous system. The drug looks like frosty crystals, which is why users sometimes refer to meth as glass. BoardPrep Recovery Center has treatments and programs designed to treat glass dependency holistically. Users seeking to shake the…