BoardPrep is a treatment center for substance use, addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. In fact, we offer both day-night and outpatient rehab. With our drug and alcohol rehab services, you can begin to reinvent your life with a healthy future ahead of you.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services at BoardPrepdrug and alcohol rehab services in Tampa

BoardPrep Recovery Center offers numerous drug and alcohol rehab services for our clients. For example, these include:

When you enter our addiction treatment center, we’ll take an original assessment of your addiction to fit you into the right program. Furthermore, if you have any underlying mental illness, we’ll develop a dual diagnosis track to treatment.

Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services in Tampa

The best drug and alcohol rehab services in Tampa, Florida will address your specific concerns. Without addressing these issues, you’re more likely to return to drug use after rehab.

Moreover, BoardPrep recognizes the important of family during this difficult time. With family therapy sessions, your loved ones can begin to learn more about your addiction and their role in your recovery. Support can create a building block to success in rehab. Therefore, our staff will answer any questions you have while providing invaluable support during your stay.

With proven drug and alcohol rehab services for professionals, doctors, and more, true healing is attainable. It’s important to gain an understanding of your addiction to help you come to terms with the challenges ahead. Once you gain these vital insights, we can begin to shed light on the causes of your substance abuse. By treating one problem without the others, you’re more likely to struggle when you transition back to daily life. However, we can provide you with coping skills and relapse prevention techniques that will keep you away from triggers and stressors.

Individualized Care

Our drug and alcohol rehab services in Tampa, Florida feature:

  • An initial, multidimensional evaluation that includes a psychiatric assessment, a review of medical records and prescription drugs, toxicology, and more
  • Personalized treatment plans that combine one-on-one therapy, group therapy, life skills and coping skills training, and family system support
  • Facilitation of an individualized 12-step plan that helps patients receive real-world support at meetings, find a sponsor, join group meetings near their home, and start step-related work
  • Weekly “sober fun” activities that help patients learn to enjoy activities without alcohol
  • Cutting-edge monitoring tools such as the SOBERLINK mobile breathalyzer that help patients remain accountable to their recovery goals
  • An immersion program that helps patients maintain their sobriety after they leave alcohol rehab and return to their normal living environment
  • Return-to-work sessions with employers that can help patients transition effectively back into the workplace
  • Weekly meetings every Thursday at 6 PM that are available to alumni

Overcome Addiction at BoardPrep

Does addiction have a strong grasp on your life? In addition, is your personal and professional life affected by your substance abuse? If so, BoardPrep can lead you back to the right track. Learn more about our drug and alcohol rehab services today. Contact us now at 866.796.4720 for more information.