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Whether you, a spouse, or a relative are suffering from substance abuse or addiction, you may have noticed how it affects your entire family. If so, you don’t have to struggle alone. Caring professionals are here to help your family recover from drug or alcohol addiction. BoardPrep Recovery Center® offers a comprehensive family therapy program that addresses all aspects of the addiction so that each member of your family can heal and discover a better life.

We offer an array of family addiction counseling and family therapy services in Tampa, FL. These addiction therapy services target your family’s specific situation and provide appropriate treatment for everyone involved. No matter what you are going through or how severe the addiction is, you have the support you need to grow together and create a healthy home once again.

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Substance Abuse is a Family Disease

a mans loved ones participate in family therapy with him while he is in addiction treatment If you feel as though your entire family is being affected by substance abuse, you are not alone. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) identifies substance abuse as a family disease that can destroy the stability of the home and affect each member’s mental, physical, and emotional health, as well as your finances.

However, you don’t have to feel helpless. There is hope through counseling, therapy, and support from licensed professionals that want to see your family thrive as you reclaim your home together.

How a Family Therapy Program Can Help You

Alcoholism or drug addiction can create a complicated dynamic that affects every member of your family in different ways. Some members will lash out. Others will withdraw. One thing is certain, however. Everyone is affected by addiction.

BoardPrep Recovery Center®’s family therapy program in Tampa, FL, includes different types of therapy and counseling so that each member of your family can heal and recover in their own unique way. Some of our treatment programs include:

  • Medical detox program
  • Day-night rehab
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Outpatient addiction treatment

Each of these programs is designed to help the addict overcome their dependency while providing complete support and counseling for the family. Everyone has the opportunity to address issues, discuss their problems, and find the path to recovery together. Treatment can help end codependency, and each member can learn to set healthy boundaries that guide a healthier future.

Dual Diagnosis Therapy

One of the things your family may discover through therapy is that other factors co-exist with addiction. Symptoms of a mental health disorder often drive people to self-medicate. This unhealthy coping method can spiral into addiction. These symptoms include anxiety, depression, mood swings, anger, and more.

If you identify this pattern, dual diagnosis treatment can address both the dependency and psychiatric conditions that influence addiction. Family therapy during dual diagnosis treatment helps each family member learn healthy coping strategies to build a foundation for lasting recovery. Thus, your family can have a deeper understanding of addiction and mental health.

A qualified professional can provide a dual diagnosis and recommend the right therapy, which may include full family addiction counseling. When your family is involved in dual diagnosis, each member can learn what is going on inside the addict and how to provide healthy support. Through our family therapy program in Tampa, FL, we empower each member of your family to control their path to a brighter and happier future.

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If you are ready to take your first step to addiction recovery, then contact BoardPrep Recovery Center®. You can overcome your addiction by getting the right treatment from professionals that care about your recovery. To find out more about how to enroll in a family therapy program today, call us at 866.796.4720.