Regardless of your past experiences or present addiction problems, therapy plays a major role in your recovery. Therapy helps you understand your addiction, how it started and what you need for lasting sobriety. These important addiction therapy services include a mix of methods and approaches. For your best chance of long-term recovery, seek rehab treatment with multiple types of therapy for dual diagnosis disorders.

What is a Dual Diagnosis?Addiction Therapy Services in Tampa, Fl.

A dual diagnosis is a two-pronged problem of both addiction and mental health disorders. Having these two types of conditions at once is more common than not. In fact, over half of people with substance use disorders suffer at least one co-occurring mental health problem.

The most common conditions of a dual diagnosis include:

  • Alcohol or drug addiction
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Anxiety and panic disorders
  • PTSD or past trauma
  • OCD, ADD and ADHD
  • Personality disorders and eating disorders

Undergoing dual diagnosis treatment plays a big role in your ability to stay sober for the rest of your life. Without this important treatment, you face inevitable relapse. This happens because the two conditions fuel each other, creating an intense cycle. An untreated one sends the treated one back into action.

If you receive a dual diagnosis disorder, you also gain greater clarity about why your substance abuse started. For many people, drugs and alcohol briefly served in self-medication of uncomfortable mental health symptoms. For others, substance abuse leads to mental health problems from brain chemical imbalances and other changes addiction brings.

Important Mental Health and Addiction Therapy Services

Regardless of whether you have a dual diagnosis condition or not, you need a mix of therapies for lasting addiction recovery. If you suffer co-occurring conditions, the great news is many of the same therapies work for healing both of your disorders. This streamlines your treatment and recovery.

Therapies important for people in addiction therapy services and mental health treatment include behavioral therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy, also plays a big role. For trauma, EMDR brings healing even to people with serious PTSD.

Other key therapies include medication assisted treatment (MAT) and motivational enhancement therapy (MET). 12 step programs play a big role in personal accountability and understanding of your addiction. Through the 12 steps you also gain an instant network of supportive people sharing your journey in recovery.

Of course, if you suffer a mental health condition with your addiction, you possibly need medication for your mental health symptoms. Medication balances brain chemistry and helps you live a stable daily life, when your doctor deems it necessary. This non-addictive medication helps you feel emotionally stable, think clearly and sleep as you should, when you suffer problems in those areas.

Treatment for Dual Diagnosis Conditions in Tampa

In Tampa, Florida, BoardPrep Recovery Center provides dual diagnosis addiction therapy services. Through the help of caring professionals and addiction treatment specialists, you learn whether you suffer co-occurring conditions of mental illness with your addiction. You also gain an individualized treatment plan with all of the therapies you need for stable, lasting recovery.

For example, BoardPrep Recovery Center programs and services include:

To learn more about the highest quality of addiction therapy services in Tampa, contact BoardPrep Recovery Center now at 866.796.4720. You can put your addiction and mental health problems behind you with BoardPrep Recovery Center treatment.