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a woman begins to open up and heal in dual diagnosis treatment in tampaA dual diagnosis treatment center provides more than just addiction rehab. This specialized care helps you gain healing from co-occurring conditions along with your addiction. The most common co-occurring conditions include depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and trauma.

If you struggle with both addiction and a mental health condition, you need treatment for these conditions at the same time. Getting help for only one leaves the other active to drive the treated condition into relapse. This creates a never-ending cycle of two conditions feeding each other. That is, it does not end until you gain quality addiction treatment services in Tampa. Contact BoardPrep Recovery Center®® at 866.796.4720 or online for more information.

Why Do Mental Health Conditions Co-Occur With Addiction?

When you self-medicate mental health conditions with drugs or alcohol, those substances make you feel better at first. That is the lure of drugs and alcohol for people with depression, anxiety, and other disorders.

But soon, tolerance sets in, and you need more of the substances to feel their effects. Very quickly, your growing substance abuse problem worsens, no longer treating your mental health symptoms at all. By the time you enter addiction, you suffer two very intense conditions needing treatment while fueling each other.

So what leads people into this cycle of co-occurring conditions? For some, it is life stress. Feeling stressed by work, family problems, school, money, and physical health starts many people on the path of substance abuse. For others, issues like low self-esteem and anxiety kick off social comfort by using alcohol or drugs.

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment is an approach to mental health care that sees both the psychological and physical aspects of a person’s well-being as equally important. This type of treatment often focuses on managing symptoms of mental health issues and substance use disorders simultaneously and developing strategies for leading a healthier lifestyle. It is also aimed at helping people identify underlying issues that may be causing their problems and providing them with the tools they need to address these issues.

With dual diagnosis treatment, individuals can learn how to manage their challenges more effectively and find the support they need to lead fulfilling lives. By taking into consideration both physical and psychological components, this form of treatment can be highly effective in improving the overall quality of life. Ultimately, dual diagnosis treatment provides individuals with a holistic approach to their recovery, allowing them to find the support and resources they need to lead healthier and more balanced lives.

Treatment typically includes:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Medication management
  • Peer support groups
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Education about addiction and mental health
  • Relapse prevention skills
  • Aftercare services

By incorporating these approaches into a person’s overall treatment plan, dual diagnosis treatment can help individuals achieve long-term success in managing their mental health issues and substance abuse.

What to Expect From Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Tampa

When you enter our dual diagnosis treatment center, you immediately undergo an assessment for your addiction and mental condition. This assessment helps people treating and supporting you understand your treatment needs. It also helps them create your individual treatment plan.

If you suffer from alcohol dependence or drug addiction, you need medically supervised detox first. This initial step into your dual diagnosis treatment ends your physical need for drugs or alcohol for your brain to function normally. Once your brain starts managing its own chemical balance and your body is free of toxins, you feel ready for rehab treatment.

In rehab, your real recovery begins. This dual diagnosis program is where you learn about your co-occurring conditions and what makes them relapse. You gain help for your mental health problem in the same types of therapy as you gain for substance abuse recovery. You also gain medication if needed to stabilize your mood and other mental health symptoms.

Your most important role in our dual diagnosis treatment center is that of learning about your co-occurring conditions and how to keep them under healthy control. You learn relapse prevention and coping skills for everyday life. You also work with your doctor to find the right medication for your specific needs. For many people with dual diagnosis treatment needs, this medication provides an immediate effect and feelings of stability for the first time in years.

Dual diagnosis treatment is eye-opening. You awaken to the root causes of your addiction and all of the ways you can keep recovery and your mental health stable. This helps you start setting goals for the first time in a long time. You also achieve early goals, making your bigger ones appear within grasp.

Consider BoardPrep Recovery Center® for Your Treatment Needs and Recovery Goals

BoardPrep Recovery Center®® is a drug and alcohol rehab center in Tampa, FL. BoardPrep Recovery provides the dual diagnosis treatment you need for your best recovery. For example, the programs and services of BoardPrep include:

  • Men’s rehab program
  • Women’s rehab program
  • Young adult rehab program
  • Family services and interventions
  • Court and hospital services
  • CBT, MAT, MET, EMDR, trauma therapy, and psychotherapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

To end your cycle of co-occurring conditions of mental health conditions and addiction, contact BoardPrep Recovery Center®® now at 866.796.4720 or online. Start the rehab admissions process for the dual diagnosis treatment center help you need. With this help, you face a brighter future.