Alcohol addiction is never something you have to overcome on your own. If you struggle with alcohol addiction, then the first step is completing a detox program. At BoardPrep Recovery Center, you’ll have access to a quality alcohol detox center in Tampa, Florida. Find out what you can expect from an alcohol detox and discover how it can prepare you for recovery ahead.

Who Needs an Alcohol Detox Center?Alcohol detox center in Tampa, FL

A lot of prospective patients know that they struggle with alcohol addiction. Nonetheless, they don’t see the value in a medical detox. The reality is that anyone with an addiction can benefit from a detox center.

Trying to overcome an alcohol addiction on your own is much harder than doing it with support. If you are serious about getting sober, why make the process harder for yourself?

Sometimes, patients are worried about committing to a Tampa, FL, detox center that requires 24/7 attendance and includes accommodation. However, there are other types of detox available. At BoardPrep Recovery Center, ambulatory detox is available.

Ambulatory detox lets you combine detox with your everyday life. You’ll get all the same medical care, accountability, and support as you would in any other detox program. However, it will be cheaper and give you greater flexibility with your own life and your own schedule.

The Benefits of Regular Medical Support

An alcohol detox center can provide a wide range of treatments and services to incoming clients. While these are all beneficial, perhaps the most important is the medical support. When you go through alcohol detox, you should expect to face a number of withdrawal symptoms. These can range from mild to severe, and they can include all of the following:

  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Delirium Tremens
  • Insomnia
  • Severe dehydration
  • Headaches

Although detox might not be particularly pleasant for anyone, there is no need to suffer through potentially life-threatening symptoms. At a detox center, you can expect medical care. Professionals can offer treatment or recommend resources that can minimize any discomfort as you go through alcohol withdrawal.

Creating a Pathway to Ongoing Recovery Through Our Alcohol Detox Center

A medical detox program can and should be the foundation of addiction recovery. Trying to skip detox and move straight to a rehab program is often dangerous. Detox is a chance for your body and your brain to learn how to function without alcohol. Only when the detox is over are you ready to make serious changes in your life.

The ideal detox program focuses on the present. However, it also needs to look ahead to the future. After all, there are still challenges and obstacles long after detox ends.

Patients deserve a detox program that encourages ongoing support and treatment. Many patients will want to move straight from a detox program into a rehab program. This makes it easier to stay on track, and it reduces the likelihood of relapse.

Completing a Detox in Tampa, Florida

Although you could complete an alcohol detox anywhere in the world, a lot of patients choose to recover in Tampa. If you live in the area, then it makes sense to complete an ambulatory detox nearby. Plus, the warm weather makes it an appealing destination for those coming from outside of the Sunshine State.

At BoardPrep Recovery Center in Tampa, you can expect all of the following from your alcohol detox:

  • Detox services that fit your lifestyle
  • Hospital and court services
  • Family services and therapy
  • Full continuum of care
  • Personalized treatment for each client

Patients in search of an alcohol detox center in Tampa should look no further than BoardPrep Recovery Center. Contact us by calling  866.796.4720 if you are ready to work toward sobriety starting today.