One of the most effective types of treatment for addiction that we offer is holistic therapy. This can help you both overcome substance abuse and address other issues that you may be dealing with. Holistic treatment also gives you several options for the type of treatment that is best for you.

At BoardPrep Recovery Center, we provide several treatment types under the umbrella of holistic therapy in Tampa, FL. There are several mental health and addiction treatment programs that you can take advantage of. 

Understanding the Holistic Approach to Therapywoman receives holistic therapy

At BoardPrep, we see holistic therapy as a vital approach to helping you recover and grow as a person. Holistic treatment seeks to help your mind, body, and spirit heal so that you find meaning and peace beyond addiction.

Therefore, holistic treatment is not just limited to the traditional means of addiction therapy services. You may engage in more than just sitting in a room and discussing your addiction with a therapist or a group. For instance, we offer non-traditional holistic therapy such as:

  • Acupuncture, acupressure, and massage
  • Reiki or energy-driven activities
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Herbal medicines or natural remedies
  • Biofeedback and neurofeedback
  • Nutritional diet

The Benefits of Holistic Therapy

Traditional therapy is designed to tackle your addiction. However, it may not address all of your issues, such as depression, anxiety, stress, or uncertainty. You may come to our treatment center dealing with other mental problems. This therapy can help you de-stress, relax, and find your center once again.

This therapy is beneficial because it helps you deal with issues such as:

  • Side effects of your addiction and withdrawal from drugs or alcohol
  • The imbalance you may have in your life due to your addiction
  • A need to find a spiritual path that has been missing
  • Unhealthy habits such as eating & drinking junk food or lack of exercise
  • Environmental toxins or contaminants

Holistic therapy can help you relax and feel more at ease. It can give you perspective as you see your addiction in a whole new light. It can also provide hope and give you a fresh new take on life. If opiate detox helps clean out the drug, the therapy eliminates the mental and emotional toxins going on in your psyche.

How Effective is Holistic Therapy?

Currently, there is little scientific research to verify claims about holistic therapy. Most holistic techniques are not evidence-based. For this reason, you should not view holistic treatment as a primary approach to addiction therapy. However, this therapy provides a complementary or supplementary treatment that reinforces your primary treatment.

It can help you feel more at ease as you participate in your counseling sessions, support groups, or primary therapy. It can also help you focus, empower you to keep going, and give you an alternative to the primary treatment. Many of our clients love how they feel after this therapy.

When combined, conventional therapy and holistic therapy give you a more well-rounded approach covering all areas of your life – not just your addiction. You come out of your treatment stronger, more positive, and feeling better all around.

Learn More at BoardPrep Recovery Center

If you or a loved one is battling addiction and mental health issues, BoardPrep Recovery Center is here to help. We offer a range of holistic therapy options for addiction treatment. For example, our holistic therapy programs can be used in conjunction with programs such as:

If you are looking for an alternative or supplement to traditional addiction therapy, discover the benefits of holistic therapy at BoardPrep Recovery Center. We offer comprehensive, holistic therapy in Tampa, FL. Contact us today at 866.796.4720, or contact us online to find out what options are available to you. We are here to help you get on the road to recovery.