Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant with a well-earned reputation for addiction and danger. Used in war times to keep soldiers alert, doctors rarely prescribe meth anymore. While physicians realize the many dangers of the drug, many people still seek out its effects in order to get high. Meth acts like other amphetamines, giving users a boost in energy as well as euphoria that keeps them coming back for more. Treating meth addiction often requires serious addiction treatment, beginning at a meth detox center that can guide addicts towards getting clean and staying clean.

What Is Meth?

female treatment professional helps patient during meth detox treatmentMeth is a completely synthetic drug derived in labs. While some methamphetamines are produced for medical use, much of the street meth is created to be sold for abuse. Meth production encompasses small-scale facilities as well as the “superlabs” that pump out massive quantities of crystal meth. Crystal meth is the shiny, bluish-white rocks that people usually smoke. However, people can swallow, crush and snort, or inject these rocks, as well.

Crystal meth is similar to the prescription methamphetamine but there is no guarantee what is mixed with the drug.

The base ingredient of crystal meth is pseudoephedrine, which is the active ingredient in some allergy and cold medicines. This ingredient on its own simply eases congestion, but drug makers mix it with other things, making it deadly.

The high from taking meth makes the person feel more alert, energetic, powerful, more self-control, euphoric, and more attentive. It’s similar to the effects of amphetamine.

How Does Meth Affect the Brain and Body?

When meth enters the body, it affects the brain by causing an increase in the amount of dopamine that’s released in the brain. Dopamine controls the reward part of the brain, which is why people continue to take the drug over again.

People who consume crystal meth experience a sudden euphoric rush, which is one reason it’s so highly addictive. Other effects of the drug include:

  • Increase in body temperature
  • Potential for passing out if body temperature rises too high
  • Anxiety and confusion
  • Premature aging, skin issues (sores, acne), and teeth problems
  • Feeling that something is crawling on you
  • Uninhibited (increased risk you will do something dangerous)

Withdrawal During Meth Detox

Withdrawing from any drug is challenging and sometimes dangerous. You don’t know how your body will react to having the drug abruptly stopped. A Meth Detox Center is the best solution when addicted to meth. Once clean, you can begin meth addiction treatment and therapy that target the roots of your addiction.

During withdrawal at a meth detox in Florida, you will have trained and certified clinicians overseeing your well-being. While in a safe and nurturing environment, you can detox while learning the skills and strategies for living clean.

A detox center also provides another important function — drug monitoring services. Monitoring holds you accountable to the program, which many individuals find extremely helpful. Drug monitoring services involve submitting to regular drug tests as a way to show that you are not using drugs. Most people find it helpful when faced with temptations in the real world if they know they will have a drug test coming up.

Finding Help with Meth Detox  

Welcome to BoardPrep Recovery Center. Our certified, trained clinicians guide you through your recovery process. When you enter into meth detox, we will be walking beside you to ensure that you are successful on your journey. With medication-assisted treatment, you will be more comfortable in the detox process. Your success is important to us, so we’ve made our program tailored to ensure you make it through.

Our substance abuse programs are evidence-based and conducted by professional therapists. Treatment goes beyond detox; we design our programs to address any of your needs at any point during recovery. Some of our programs include:

Don’t let meth addiction take you down in life. You can overcome this struggle with help from a Florida meth detox and addiction treatment center. Contact us at 866.796.4720, and we’ll get you on the right road to healing.