There’s a strong connection between anxiety and substance abuse. At BoardPrep Recovery Center, therapists understand this struggle. Through its anxiety treatment center, the facility reaches out to people just like you who need help with both conditions. Here’s how anxiety therapy works.

Anxiety Treatment Center That Addresses Substance AbuseAnxiety treatment center Tampa FL trusts with anxiety therapy

The anxiety treatment Tampa, FL counts on must hone in on your anxiety. What causes you to feel anxious? Most importantly, how does the condition make you feel? For some, there are underlying panic attacks.

For others, there are intrusive thoughts and feelings. You have emotions that you don’t want to experience. Negative thoughts challenge your ability to function. You can’t wish them away.

Therefore, you look for alternative means of calming a racing heart or mind. Anxiety therapy would be the best option. However, you don’t realize that you’re dealing with a mental health concern. Because you just want a solution, you reach for alcohol or drugs.

An Addiction and Anxiety Treatment Center Offers Hope

Over time, the occasional use of substances to calm your anxiety results in chemical dependency. Your body now believes it needs the drug to live. Your mind persuades you that you can’t handle life without the substance. Because chemical dependency creates problems, you reach out for addiction and anxiety treatment in Tampa, FL.

Talking to the BoardPrep Recovery Center therapists might be the first time that you realize you’re dealing with anxiety. As you learn what this means, you recognize how the condition affects your daily functioning. Besides that, you can see it triggering the drug habit. Therefore, therapists customize a caring approach that addresses both conditions at our anxiety treatment center.

Anxiety and addiction therapy services might include:

  • Detoxification that lets you withdraw from the drug without pain
  • Family services as a way to get loved ones involved in your recovery efforts
  • Medication-assisted treatment as a method of curbing cravings and keeping you on track
  • Psychotherapy that addresses the anxiety and may include pharmacological support
  • Behavioral therapy, which empowers you to flip the script on your reactions
  • Gender-specific paths that allow for women and men’s rehab

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Gets Results

Enrolling at the anxiety treatment center gives you an advantage. You work with people who understand both conditions and how they connect. Similarly, you undergo recovery that presents you with a roadmap for healing. It emphasizes the importance of dealing with both diagnoses concurrently.

One-on-one anxiety therapy hones in on the development of new coping skills. Because anxiety may continue after rehab, it’s crucial to manage it. Besides that, you benefit from finding ways of dealing with thoughts and emotions that crop up. Your therapist helps you set goals and work toward them.

Group therapy enables you to learn from others who’re pursuing recovery, too. Many struggle with a dual diagnosis as well. As you give and receive feedback, you begin to feel comfortable talking about the situation. In this way, group therapy is a precursor for support group attendance after program graduation at our anxiety treatment center.

Relapse Prevention and Anxiety Therapy

Addiction and anxiety treatment Tampa FL locals count on must prepare you for long-term recovery. Healing doesn’t stop when you leave BoardPrep Recovery Center. Rather, it continues. Because you receive the tools you need to keep going, you feel comfortable about it. In fact, relapse prevention training begins as soon as you check in.

Start your recovery today. Find out how the chemical dependency and anxiety treatment center can help you change your life. BoardPrep Recovery Center intake specialists gladly walk you through an insurance verification. Call 866.796.4720 to learn more about our programs or contact us online.