Are you in need of an addiction treatment center in Tampa, FL? If so, BoardPrep Recovery Center is here to help you find sobriety in your life. With effective drug and alcohol rehab services, you can gain a new lease on life away from addiction.

Benefits of Our Addiction Treatment Center in Tampa, FLThe best Addiction Treatment Center in Tampa FL

At BoardPrep Recovery Center, your safety and comfort are top priorities. Furthermore, we strongly believe that lifelong sobriety requires commitment and support. Therefore, it’s important to completely focus on your recovery during your time at our addiction treatment center in Tampa, FL. Our addiction treatment specialists will give you the support and treatment you deserve for overall wellness and sobriety. Our programs include:

As you can see, we take pride in providing a variety of addiction treatment programs for our clients. Each and every individual will have a custom and personalized treatment plan based on their specific needs and circumstances with addiction.

We understand that each person faces addiction in different ways. Therefore, we provide an original assessment to get a better understanding of your substance abuse. As a result, we can create a custom treatment approach that dives into your addiction and reveals its root causes.

The BoardPrep Approach

With state licensing and national accreditation, you can enter our addiction treatment center in Tampa, FL with confidence. Our staff is compassionate about recovery and they’ll stand by your side throughout the process.

Sometimes, individuals struggle with both a substance abuse problem and a mental illness. In these cases, we offer dual diagnosis treatment. Specifically, dual diagnosis treats both the mental illness and addiction for total recovery. This will help you transition back to daily life after rehab in a smooth fashion, without the fears of relapse.

We also provide quasi-residential to outpatient care at our addiction treatment center in Tampa, FL. We recommend that anyone who completes a day-night program at BoardPrep transition to outpatient care while remaining active in their sobriety. In addition, you can develop coping skills and relapse prevention techniques for the future.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Tampa, FL

Is your addiction becoming a burden on your life, as well as your families? If so, learn more about our addiction treatment center in Tampa, FL, today. With our drug and alcohol rehab programs in Tampa, FL, you can begin to build a foundation of sobriety in your life. For more information, contact us now at 866.796.4720.