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Rehab admissions to BoardPrep Recovery Center® usually occur on the same day as your call. Moreover, the admission experience is personalized and professional. At our addiction treatment center, we’ll work with you to develop a custom and unique rehab plan that addresses your needs and concerns. If you have questions about admissions or insurance, check out the links below:

Services at BoardPrep

When you enter our drug rehab center, we will complete an original assessment to learn more about your substance abuse. This will give us a better picture of your experience with addiction. As a result, we can develop a specific program that addresses the root causes of your addiction. With our rehab admissions staff, we’ll recommend specific programs. For example, our programs include:

  • Young adult program
  • Medical detox
  • Day-night drug rehab
  • Outpatient drug rehab

Through medical detox, you can safely rid your body of the substance without the fear of overwhelming withdrawal symptoms. Furthermore, our staff will be by your side at all times. During the rehab admissions process, we’ll decide if medical detox is the best option to begin your treatment.

Inpatient and Outpatient Care

The two most common types of treatment are inpatient and outpatient care. However, what’s right for one person may not be the best option for another. That is why rehab admissions are so important. During this time, we’ll recognize the severity of your addiction. In most cases, inpatient drug rehab gives you the best chance at recovery. Therefore, you stay at a partner facility in which you receive treatment, which removes you from the triggers and stressors of daily life.

With outpatient care, you can return home each night after daily treatment. You still receive the same therapies and treatments as inpatient facilities. However, you have the flexibility to return to your family each night and tend to your responsibilities. Outpatient care is only recommended for those who are transitioning from an inpatient rehab facility.

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