When you need help for addiction, your life feels out of control. In the middle of this chaos, you likely feel like you need mental health treatment center help. For about half of people with substance abuse problems, this treatment is important. So learn more about dual diagnosis care as you prepare for rehab, to help you build a better life ahead.

About Dual Diagnosis ConditionsMental Health Treatment Center in Florida

Dual diagnosis conditions include two primary types of disorders. On one side of the diagnosis is your addiction to drugs or alcohol. On the other side is your mental health problem. Possible mental health conditions occurring with addiction include:

  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety and panic disorders
  • PTSD and trauma
  • OCD, ADD and ADHD
  • Personality disorders
  • Schizophrenia

When you gain diagnosis for both mental health and substance use disorders, these conditions make up a dual diagnosis disorder. You need treatment for both at the same time through an addiction and mental health treatment center. If you treat only one condition, the other remains active to cause the treated condition to relapse. Each condition fuels the other in a vicious cycle.

Why Addiction Occurs with Mental Problems

Regardless of the mental condition you suffer, this disorder brings discomfort. Many people do not realize their discomfort means they suffer a mental illness, at all. They simply read themselves as being socially awkward, shy, moody, down or unable to relax. Taking a drink of alcohol, smoking marijuana or abusing opioids seems to make these symptoms go away, at first.

Turning to drugs or alcohol in self-medication only makes problems bigger. Substances lure you in, making you feel better. But soon, tolerance sets in and you need more and more of the drugs or alcohol to feel the original effects. You become dependent on the substances with addiction quickly following.

Once you find yourself locked in addiction, your symptoms flare out of control. You suffer symptoms of both conditions in fact, making daily life worse than ever before. You may not see you suffer a mental health condition. Symptoms of substance abuse often mask mental illness and vice versa.

The good news? You can recover from both of your dual diagnosis conditions. This recovery comes through the help of an addiction and mental health treatment center. In a dual diagnosis program, you get help for both conditions at the same time and using similar therapies that improve both of your problems.

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Center in Florida

In Tampa, Florida, BoardPrep Recovery Center is a dual diagnosis addiction and mental health treatment center. Through dual diagnosis day-night rehab programs you gain all of the therapies, treatments, support and education you need for a better life. Programs and services of BoardPrep Recovery Center include:

You can build a better life in recovery with dual diagnosis addiction and mental health treatment center help. This treatment starts when you call BoardPrep Recovery Center’s rehab admissions counselors to learn more about available programs and methods. So contact BoardPrep Recovery Center in Tampa, Florida now at 866.796.4720. Getting the right treatment opens your life back up to your best potential, so make this important call right now.