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A 12 Step Program is an evidence-based treatment program that is often central to today’s best and most successful drug and alcohol treatment programs. It’s been around since the early 20th Century and has been instrumental in helping those struggling with addiction manage their addictions and have fulfilling lives. It’s the foundation of the groups, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, which probably conduct meetings in your community. But the majority of those who attend these meetings began working the 12 steps in a formal drug and alcohol treatment program such as the addiction therapy programs Tampa FL offered at BoardPrep Recovery Center®.

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How Does a 12 Step Program Work?

This program asks you to complete 12 distinct steps on the road to recovery. The 12 steps are always the same, although you might adapt them based upon your personal spiritual beliefs and needs.  Each step furthers the healing process and helps you learn to manage your addiction.

It’s also very important to know that the later steps may seem impossible to you at the beginning. But, that’s the point. By the time you reach those latter steps, you’re more than ready to tackle that step and further the healing process.

What Are the 12 Steps?

Step 1: You admit that you’re powerless over alcohol (or your drug of choice). Drugs re-wire the brain to “need” them. If you’re addicted, you’re no longer making your own choices. The drugs control you.

Step 2: You learn to accept your higher power, which will restore your sanity. It doesn’t matter if you identify as Christian, Hindu or Atheist, you have something that you consider greater than yourself. It may be God(s), family, nature, science, etc.

Step 3: You make a decision to turn your life over to the higher power you have determined has the power to help you.

Step 4: You take a moral inventory of who you’ve become because of addiction.

Step 5: You admit to a higher power or another person what you’ve done.

Step 6: You accept that a higher power can heal you now that you’re repentant.

Step 7: You humbly request that the higher power forgive you and heal you.

Step 8: You list people you’ve hurt and accept that you need to make amends.

Step 9: You attempt to apologize for the wrongs you’ve committed unless doing so would cause too great emotional harm to that person.

Step 10: You continue to apply steps one through nine. As you do, they become your new way of life. And to this end, if you make another mistake, you own up to it quickly, apologize and continue moving forward.

Step 11: You use prayer and meditation to connect with the higher power. This does not have to be religious in nature. On the contrary, meditation can simply be sitting quietly, focusing on the present moment or anything similar that’s meaningful to you.

Step 12: You share the healing message of the 12 step program with someone else who needs it.

A 12 step program in FL is just one of several evidence-based treatments and supplementary holistic treatments, like acupuncture and massage therapy, we use to help you overcome addiction and find lasting recovery.

How Does BoardPrep Recovery Facilitate the 12 Step Program?

In Alcoholics Anonymous, there’s a saying, “It works if you work it.” This statement recognizes the fact that in order for a 12 step program in FL or any program to work, you have to be willing to work the system and use the tools provided to you.

To this end, BoardPrep is a facilitator of the 12 steps rather than an administrator. Within our substance abuse treatment programs in Tampa, we support you. Why? Because some days will be harder than others. We’ll help you stay focused on your goals. But you need to commit to doing the work to find healing. On top of 12 steps, we provide you with other tools you can choose to use. They’ll aid you in taking charge of your life. These include therapies and treatments such as:

As you use the tools, develop skills and practice with your peers, you’ll become more confident in your ability to stay in recovery with the help of your higher power.

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