BoardPrep – An Alcohol Rehab Center that Provides Personalized Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment in Tampa, FL

Man getting help at our alcohol rehab centerIf you or a loved one is searching for an alcohol rehab facility in Tampa, Florida, that practices proven treatment methods in a compassionate environment, look to BoardPrep Recovery Center. Because we recognize that overcoming alcohol dependency is a long journey, we follow a comprehensive process that supplies patients with all the support they need before, during, and after treatment.

BoardPrep Recovery Center is an alcohol rehab facility that uses a full range of treatment methods to help patients break free from addiction. Some of the notable features of our approach to alcohol treatment include:

  • An initial, multidimensional evaluation that includes a psychiatric assessment, a review of medical records and prescription drugs, toxicology, and more
  • Personalized treatment plans that combine one-on-one therapy, group therapy, life skills and coping skills training, and family system support
  • Facilitation of an individualized 12-step plan that helps patients receive real-world support at meetings, find a sponsor, join group meetings near their home, and start step-related work
  • Weekly “sober fun” activities that help patients learn to enjoy activities without alcohol
  • Cutting-edge monitoring tools such as the SOBERLINK mobile breathalyzer that help patients remain accountable to their recovery goals
  • An immersion program that helps patients maintain their sobriety after they leave alcohol rehab and return to their normal living environment
  • Return-to-work sessions with employers that can help patients transition effectively back in to the workplace

To discuss your or a loved one’s treatment needs, contact BoardPrep Recovery Center today. We are a Joint Commission-accredited alcohol rehab facility located in Tampa, FL, that offers same-day and next-day admissions.