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IOP commonly stands for an intensive outpatient program. At BoardPrep Recovery, IOP also stands for Individualized Outpatient Program due to the tailored approach. Executives and professionals who participate in BoardPrep IOP express their gratitude for the accessibility of the program and the professionalism of the staff.

Intensive Outpatient Program SpecificsIntensive Outpatient Program in Florida

BoardPrep IOP usually consists of three to four hours of addiction treatment services at a frequency of three to four days a week. Specifically, this goes for a duration of about 12 weeks.

In our intensive outpatient program, patients have the ability to return home each night after treatment. However, they still receive the same treatment modalities as those in our day-night drug rehab program.

The major benefit of an IOP is flexibility. You can still tend to your responsibilities at home, such as work and family life. During the day, you attend regular sessions, including family therapy and other therapeutic interventions. Once your treatment is done for the day, you can return home to practice what you have learned. Each week, we’ll assess your growth in recovery and make changes to your rehab plan accordingly.

Programs Leading to IOP

In many cases, we’ll recommend completing inpatient care at another facility or detox before entering an intensive outpatient program. For example, our modalities include:

As you can see, we offer a wide variety of services for our clients. Moreover, your program will depend on your original assessment with our addiction specialists. Through counseling and therapy, we can begin to bring positive change into your life with a clear path to recovery and sobriety.

Intensive Outpatient Program Monitoring

Though there is less medical supervision in an IOP, we still conduct daily monitoring and recovery support. Specifically, we offer the assistance of mobile breathalyzer devices, biomarker sampling, and other tools to promote accountability in treatment.

Moreover, you also have the ability to stay at our recovery residence as an alternative to inpatient care at a partner facility. In-home family therapy sessions with our addiction experts are also recommended for patients in our intensive outpatient program.

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