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man explaining sober living program to guest at BoardPrep Recovery Center<sup>®</sup>A sober living program can be called a handful of other names including transitional housing, halfway house or a sober living facility. For many people, a program focused on sober living in Tampa, FL provides them with the help they need by making transitions between treatment levels as seamless and smooth as possible. When transitioning from an alcohol rehab center in FL back into your community, this type of program provides the structure and support required to assist you in your continued recovery.

What Is a Sober Living Program?

At its core, a sober living program provides an environment that supports continued recovery from an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or both types of substances. This environment usually consists of homes that offer private or semi-private bedrooms as well as shared living, kitchen, and other spaces. Set up to mimic a home-like setting, a sober living program provides patients with the opportunity to live in a safe, stable, and substance-free environment as they continue their recovery.

What’s it Like to Live in a Sober Living Home?

A home that focuses on sober living in Tampa, FL is primarily focused on providing a drug and alcohol-free setting that is safe and supportive for those who are recovering from a substance use disorder. It’s designed to offer clients a “bridge” in between treatment and life completely on their own. This is after some sort of day-night or outpatient services at the addiction treatment center in Tampa, FL.

A major part of taking part in a sober living program is following its structure. In most cases, each client takes part in the smooth running of the home. In addition to taking responsibility for the cleanliness of their own room, each person also takes part in meal prep, cleaning the home, and other tasks that are necessary.

Each day begins early in the morning because the patients are expected to attend 12 step meetings — or the equivalent — as well as classes, meetings with their counselors, and work. Peer mentoring is a big part of this type of program. Having the support and camaraderie of someone who went through the same experiences as you did aids in recovery and combats loneliness.

Advantages of a Sober Living Program

The advantages of living in a sober living home are many and can include the following:

  • Access to peer mentoring, family services, 12 step programs, and more
  • Better able to hold down a job
  • Drug and alcohol-free environment supports recovery
  • Access to court services and support, if needed

Transitioning From Other Treatment Options

In nearly all cases, a patient must have undergone BoardPrep Recovery Center®’s drug and alcohol rehab services of some type in order to be eligible for entrance into a sober living home. When searching for the ideal substance use treatment center, look for one that offers the following services:

When Should a Sober Living Home be Considered?

A sober living home is an excellent choice for a patient as they who is transitioning from a more intensive and/or structured program and does not have a stable or supportive environment to go into afterward. Such a program is also ideal for those clients that need continued support before they can resume their lives fully integrated into their communities.

BoardPrep Recovery Center® offers an engaging and effective recovery from substance abuse disorder by utilizing a personalized approach. When combined with their dedicated staff, evidence-based programming, and excellent location, BoardPrep Recovery Center® provides the comprehensive care and attention those in recovery need. Contact us at 866.796.4720 to learn more about how we can help you or your loved one.