A private bedroom for day-night treatment in an upscale residence sets a relaxing tone, while a safe and clean environment reinforces a sense of security. Career professionals in treatment for depression or substance use disorders at BoardPrep Recovery cherish the empathy and sensitivity shown by our team. With mental health and addiction treatment programs for professionals, you can focus on healing in privacy, and without any judgment.

Professionals Program

“Professionals Program” designates a specialty center that has the experience and is equipped to handle the concerns of career professionals entering treatment. The quality of the evaluation and the robustness quality of the program is enhanced to produce better outcomes. Career professionals need expert handling of FMLA “Family Medical Leave” and disability insurance claims. They often require effective communication by an experienced professional on their behalf with family and the workplace. Alleviating concerns and facilitating a smooth transition back to home and work is vital to good outcomes.

Professionals entering treatment are often at a very low point and may be concerned about further shame and humiliation from getting help. BoardPrep professionals take special care to treat each individual and family member with the utmost dignity and respect.

BoardPrep Recovery Center is an approved healthcare-specific treatment provider by Florida’s Department of Health, Professional’s Resource Network and Intervention Project for Nurses. Furthermore, many other programs throughout the U.S. also refer their health professionals to BoardPrep.

BoardPrep Advantages

  • Recognized as a center of excellence experience with professionals
  • Engaging, Affordable & Great Location
  • NIDA best-practice provider

Learn More About BoardPrep

At BoardPrep Tampa, we offer a variety of programs and rehab for professionals. For example, mental health and addiction treatment programs for professionals include:

Don’t let substance use disorders, stress, anxiety or depression control your life anymore. In fact, seek help now at BoardPrep. To learn more about mental health and addiction treatment for professionals in Florida, contact us today. You can reach our staff at 866.796.4720.