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man at alcohol rehab for doctors talking to therapist during alcohol rehab for doctors tampa flAs a doctor, rehab can be a particularly sensitive topic. Physicians and other medical personnel lead extremely stressful lives, and may quickly find themselves battling a substance addiction. These addictions need addressing as soon as possible: a doctor cannot operate when impaired. But the need for confidentiality and privacy can also be vital, and it’s critical to get help at BoardPrep Recovery Center®’s alcohol rehab for doctors, while still retaining your license.

Here’s what you need to know about alcohol rehab for doctors.

Substance Abuse is a Medical Issue

Substance abuse is a medical issue and consequently protected as a disability. The best thing a physician can often do to protect themselves is to reveal that they have an issue and to go to alcohol rehab for doctors, though this should also be done with the help of a legal professional. This reduces the chances that they could be discriminated against for their substance abuse disorder when seeking help from drug and alcohol rehab services in FL.

Special substance abuse programs target toward ensuring that doctors keep their medical license, by giving them a rigorous treatment program that provides that they are up to performing their work-related tasks. A substance disorder doesn’t need to mean that your career is over! But it has to be addressed with care.

These substance abuse programs can offer treatment for co-occurring disorders, including depression, stress, and burnout. Burnout is one of the most significant risk factors for doctors today, and it’s prevalent throughout the medical industry. About one-third of doctors experience burnout during their careers. Without addressing the core problems behind substance abuse, it becomes difficult to address substance abuse.

The Value of Alcohol Rehab for Doctors

Doctors have specific challenges they need to address. Not only may they need to address issues of depression, stress, anxiety, and work-life balance in dual diagnosis treatment in FL, but they also need to make sure they can return safely to work. They need to know they won’t lose the credentials that they’ve fought so hard to develop.

Alcohol rehab for doctors tailors to the needs of medical professionals. Not only will the therapy and care be directed towards an individual in a unique situation, but it will also be designed to ensure that physicians are still able to keep their licensing in place. Care will be taken to arrange for a sustainable recovery, so that doctors will not feel as though they need to relapse when they are back in a high stress, potentially triggering environment.

It’s worth it to find a specialized alcohol rehab for doctors in Tampa, FL, as they will understand the unique circumstances involved, as well as the challenges that could make relapse possible. Specialized alcohol rehabs understand the medical industry inside-and-out and the help that doctors could need.

Getting Professional and Individualized Care

As a doctor, you understand the benefits of getting individualized care. A rehab center for medical professionals begins with an assessment of your current situation, and analyzes what will improve it.  You then work with the team to analyze your progress, determining adjustments to be made moving forward.

The specialists at drug and alcohol treatment programs for doctors in FL can determine how long you might need to stay in an in-patient facility. How long you may need to go through an outpatient facility will be determined. From there, they can give you their recommendations and tailor medical treatment and therapy to your wishes.

Doctors Have High Success Rates for Treatment

Doctors have very low relapse rates after they have completed treatments. Understandably, many doctors may suffer from substance abuse, given the high level of pressure in their day-to-day lives. But with the right help and coping mechanisms, doctors can recover exceptionally well. They can maintain their license and continue working as a doctor.

Alcohol Rehab for Doctors

As a doctor, you’re particularly vulnerable. Until you go to alcohol rehab for doctors Tampa FL, your position at work could be at risk. Your patients themselves could be at risk. But some programs are designed to help you. Contact BoardPrep Recovery Center® at 866.796.4720 to schedule an appointment today at an alcohol rehab for doctors and medical professionals.