Doctors and other medical professionals have special needs when seeking out drug and alcohol treatment programs. Not only do they often become addicted under different circumstances than many others but they also have different stressors that they must return to after rehab. There are also special regulations by the Department of Health that must be met by any drug and alcohol treatment program for doctors in Tampa, FL. BoardPrep Recovery Center meets or surpasses the requirements. We understand the special needs of doctors and other medical professionals in order to help them overcome their substance use disorders and get them back on track.

Medical Professions and Stress

The medical professions are highly stressful. Any drug and alcohol treatment program for doctors must fully understand what the daily life of a medical professional is like. From the early days of school onward, medical professionals face long hours of duty, often with little sleep. The expectation is to perform at their best at all times. Lives depend on this. Those around these professionals often forget they are human. Often, doctors and nurses themselves forget this and pressure themselves to work beyond normal human limitations.  It is easy to look for a way to help ease this pressure and the medical setting offers many temptations where drugs are present.

doctor at a drug and alcohol treatment program for doctorsA drug and alcohol treatment program for doctors must not only help treat the dependency but must also help work with mental health skills. These include things like self-esteem, stress reduction, and coping skills. Medical professionals are also at high risk for PTSD because of the things that happen on a daily basis. This is where our dual diagnosis program can be beneficial. When you consider that medical professionals give help, it becomes difficult for many to turn the tables and reach out to ask for help.

Special Regulations

Medical professionals must meet certain standards when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Our program is approved by the Florida Department of Health to treat medical professionals. We are up-to-date in our knowledge of the required regulations, utilize special drug assessments, and help our clients prepare for return to their professions. In the past two decades, we have provided drug and alcohol addiction treatment to over 1000 medical professionals. Our affordable program and great location are the best because of our experience.

Our Programs

These facilities offer private, one-bedroom units that are as home-like as possible. Respect is what our residents deserve. Staff members strive to work with you with empathy, compassion, and a complete lack of judgment. Regardless of where you are on your recovery, we are there to help you through. We offer many options, including:

Our drug and alcohol treatment program for doctors is meant to not only free you from your dependency but to also give you the tools you need to return to a high-stress position better prepared to cope with both the stress and the temptation. Returning to the same high-stress environment that triggered the substance abuse, to begin with, requires a combination of therapies and skills that address the individual needs of each patient. Our initial assessment will get us started on the correct path, and we will re-evaluate at each stage to make sure you are being given the tools you need to remain on that path to recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program for Doctors in Tampa, FL

BoardPrep Recovery Center wants you to know you aren’t alone in this journey. If you find yourself in need of a drug and alcohol treatment program for doctors, contact us by calling 866.796.4720 and speak with one of our professionals. We can have you on the road to recovery quickly and can help you stay on that road.