BoardPrep Recovery Center is an innovative rehab center for people with alcohol and drug problems. If you are seeking a high-quality rehabilitation center for addiction recovery, you will not find a higher standard of care at any other day/night or outpatient treatment center. Located in beautiful Tampa, Florida, BoardPrep was founded with the simple mission of providing the most engaging effective and affordable treatment possible. In order to accomplish this mission, our staff adheres to the 13 “best-practice principles which have been researched and published by the National Institute of Health:

13 principles of effective treatment

(National Institutes of Health, NIDA 1999)

NIDA Principals BoardPrep
1. Varied treatment approaches
2. Treatment is readily available
3. Attends to multiple needs, not just drug use
4. Continuous assessment and modification of plan
5. Adequate duration of time in treatment services
6. Individual, group, behavioral counseling
7. Medications assisted treatment
8. Integrated treatment of mental health issues  
9. Medical detoxification is part of larger care plan
10. Treatment does not have to be voluntary
11. Continuous monitoring for drug use
12. Assessment for infectious diseases and plan
13. Recovery is treated as a long-term process

BoardPrep Recovery Center further enhances the NIDA Principles through: 

  • Comprehensive, inter-disciplinary team-based clinical assessment process.
  • Provide full continuum-of-care directly or through network
  • Recognize and address the interplay of substance use with disorders of attention, mood, sleep, pain, anxiety and personality.
  • Recognize and address family and environmental risk factors
  • Structured toxicology monitoring system deployed upon admission
  • On site physician and addiction psychiatrist
  • Integrated psychological and neuropsychological services
  • Available Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Family therapy, group, individual, couples, cognitive-behavioral, experiential, recovery support, home visits, twelve step facilitation, motivational interviewing
  • “Marchman Act” involuntary treatment referrals are accepted
  • Varying “levels of care” are utilized to facilitate adequate duration in the treatment process
  • Toxicology and biomarker test results are utilized for support and incentive. Positive tests result in modification of the treatment plan, not punishment.
  • Monitor and promote improvements in functioning, career, school, family, coping and life skills – not just abstinence from drugs.
  • Two-year recovery support and monitoring contracts are promoted to all BoardPrep participants
  • BoardPrep is within a 45 minute driving distance for 4.2 million people in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Extended-stay suites and trusted sober housing options are available for long-distance commuters
  • Small patient cohort and frequent expert team meetings on each case
  • Ambulatory detoxification available, as well as inpatient treatment at a partnered facility if necessary

Make a difference in your recovery journey by contacting BoardPrep Recovery Center at 866.796.4720 today.