When someone refuses to get help for their drug or alcohol problem, family members may want to explore options available under Florida law to get their loved one the help they need.

The Florida law that pertains to involuntary evaluation and treatment for substance use disorders is called the Marchman Act. The experienced professionals at BoardPrep Recovery can help your family navigate through the questions and decisions that must be considered when thinking about this option.

Marchman FACTS

  • A family member may petition a judge confidentially to order a loved one to receive treatment in a private facility without having to go through an addiction receiving facility (ARF)
  • A knowledgeable qualified professional can guide the family member through the process with or without an attorney
  • You have five days after an evaluation by a qualified professional to submit the petition

Marchman MYTHS

  • A person has to “want recovery” to benefit from treatment. Actually, clinical research shows that results from compelled and voluntary treatment are about the same. And of course if someone is refusing needed treatment, their life is at risk.
  • “It will be on their record.” No, a treatment order under the Marchman Act is confidential and handled by a special judge and staff who follow HIPPA guidelines. The bigger concern would be if the person does not get help, their high risk behavior may lead to an arrest.

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