drug monitoring urine sampleMonitoring

Monitoring recovery through randomized sampling (urine, saliva, breath, blood spot, hair and nails) improves individual addiction recovery rates by 30 to 50 percent.

New patients are tested randomly at least twice a week with a tailored detection protocol based on individual assessment.

BoardPrep utilizes the most sophisticated tests available to Physician Health Programs. We emphasize the sophistication and robust nature of our testing program for it’s value in prevention. Being convinced that you will not be able to evade the system if you tried we find is key to the surrender process for many. This allows for faster and better focus on treatment goals, as the obsession to use or drink begins to subside.

Detection capabilities

  • Alcohol: window of detection 1 hour post consumption to 30 days post consumption
  • Standard drugs of misuse: 1 hour to 4 months post consumption
  • Designer drugs and abusable “over the counter” drugs: specialty tests available, results within 3-5 days.

Long term monitoring

Two year recovery monitoring contracts are recommended for all patients post-primary treatment. Monitoring and recovery support result in better long-term outcomes. Monitoring can be accomplished nationwide through our eHealth system.

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