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group of teens pointing forward and smiling after attending the teen outpatient program in TampaEarly Intervention Works

A quick course correction into the teen program, at the first signs of vaping or other substance use, may prevent catastrophic future consequences and expense.

Too often, parents wait until their teen is dangerously out-of-control before taking action. With the increased potency and availability of substances, “experimentation” quickly turns into seeking out the substance. The teen program gives teens the tools they need to curb the beginnings of addiction and restore healthy brain function.

The Need for BoardPrep’s Early Intervention Teen Outpatient Program

For example, today’s marijuana has seen a 212% increase in potency since the early 1990s. An increase in potency means an increase in pleasure and rewards for use as well as side effects and addictive properties. Parents are now seeing that the seeking of substances is often not “just a phase” that teens go through. Teens in very early stages usually do not seek out the substances to use. When a teen begins “seeking” (wanting to be with friends who have it and go places to use it), they are in the process of making profound and lasting changes in their individual neurobiology.

BoardPrep’s Teen Program

If given the chance, addiction exerts a powerful influence on the brain through cravings, losing control of use, and continued use despite the consequences. Therefore, BoardPrep Recovery’s teen program is a highly effective early intervention program, designed by experts to stop early substance use in its tracks before harmful brain changes take hold.

The teen program uses the following structure:

  • 90-day commitment with 30-day extensions as needed
  • Abstinence contract with “contingency management” plan of rewards and consequences
  • Enhanced toxicology drug monitoring program in FL
  • Weekly psychiatric follow-up
  • Frequent family sessions based on Structured Family Recovery
  • 1 to 1 coaching/therapy with licensed therapist
  • Weekly sober-fun activity
  • Family meetings with a psychiatrist
  • Phone/texting support

Follow-up plan includes:

  • 6-12 month commitment after completion of Phase 1
  • Ongoing accountability check-in system
  • Ongoing coaching
  • Family therapy program sessions in Tampa
  • Psychiatric follow-up

The teen program also provides advocacy, Marchman Act support, and inpatient placement at a partner facility as needed. BoardPrep focuses on long-term recovery and reducing the chances of relapse. Support and find help for your teen for the chronic disease of addiction.

Start Your Recovery

Begin the assessment and intake process today by contacting BoardPrep Recovery and your teen could begin the program immediately. Licensed and experienced clinicians will help you and your loved one understand the options and make the best decision about professional help. Some of the options during the teen program include:

There’s little effect in a teen following the “just say no” defense against drug use. Effective treatment incorporates a mixture of therapy, medication, and self-care according to the research at Harvard Medical School.

Safety and best results matter most when getting your teen the treatment they deserve. Call BoardPrep Recovery at 866.796.4720 to help your teen today.