Are you a professional concerned that you may be abusing alcohol? The more stress someone experiences, the more likely they are to experience substance abuse issues. As someone with a professional career, you experience some unique challenges — challenges that may need to be addressed by a treatment center that specializes in alcohol rehab for professional workers.

Are You a Professional Who Needs Alcohol Rehab?

Everyone is unique and everyone has a unique relationship with alcohol. Professionals encounter a few unique difficulties with alcohol rehab:

  • They may be in a culture of drinking. Many businesses still make alcohol rehab for professional employees quite hard, because alcohol is everywhere within the business, and therefore difficult to avoid.
  • They may not be able to take time off. If a professional feels that their career is at risk, they may not want to take time off for an inpatient program, or have the time for an intensive outpatient program.
  • They may be in an unhealthy environment. Some people need alcohol rehab because of stressors at work. Even if they go to alcohol rehab for professional workers now, they may find that they quickly return to alcohol because of their work-related stress.
  • They may not want anyone to know. Some professionals need to worry about their reputation. Though substance abuse is nothing to be ashamed of, there can still be sensitivities regarding letting employers know about the issue.

A professional shouldn’t be afraid to seek help. Alcohol abuse is a medical illness that requires treatment, and that has protections associated with disability law. Nevertheless, the situation does have to be handled carefully.

Maintaining Your Career While Going Through Alcohol Rehab

As a professional, you need to find a way to get the help you need without potentially compromising your position. You likely have worked very hard for your current career, and you may have spent years or even decades building it. You don’t want an illness to prevent you from progressing further.

drug and alcohol treatment program for professionalsConsulting with an alcohol treatment center is the first step in finding the best way to maintain your career while still going through rehab.

If you’re going into inpatient rehab at another facility, you may need to find ways to balance your job or to take time off. If you’re going to out-patient rehab, you may need to find ways to manage that rehab around your existing schedule. Either way, the treatment center will be able to explain your options to you, and find ways to get you the recovery that you deserve under the restraints that you have.

It’s important to get sober. But it’s also important to retain the work and the life that you’ve been building. A professional treatment center understands this and can help you with your individualized needs.

Finding the Right Alcohol Rehab for Professionals Tampa FL

An alcohol rehab center that specializes in professional treatment will be able to find discrete, helpful ways in which to cope. Not only will you get treatment for your alcohol addiction, but you’ll also get coping skills that are intended to help you maintain sobriety in a high stress environment.

Many people experience co-occurring disorders when they go into alcohol rehab. You may be experiencing stress and anxiety due to your work and be treating this through alcohol. An alcohol rehab center for professional treatment will treat both issues at once. This helps so you don’t relapse once you return to your former environment.

Furthermore, alcohol rehab for professional treatment can also help you with follow up, relapse prevention treatment, in the form of outpatient therapy and support. You will be able to go to your treatment and support appointments for continued help even after you’ve become sober. This helps you maintain that sobriety.

Going through alcohol rehab is always a challenge. For a professional who is already working very hard, it can feel like an insurmountable task. But alcohol rehab for professional employees can help. Schedule an appointment today by contacting BoardPrep Recovery Center at 866.796.4720.