There is an epidemic of substance abuse across the country, that the general population likely believes is related to individuals using street drugs or prescription opioids. The BoardPrep Recovery Center staff understands that professionals in the healthcare industry, including physicians, are not immune to substance use disorders. The caring treatment team provides a drug and alcohol treatment program for physicians Tampa Fl location, and for nurses, and other professionals that experience substance abuse, and mental health disorders.

There is no shaming, ridicule, or judgment when you seek the treatment that you need to become whole again. Learn about addiction with physicians. Find a drug and alcohol treatment program for physicians with BoardPrep Recovery Center for help.

How Prevalent is Substance Abuse and Addiction with Physicians?

Are you a physician experiencing a substance use disorder or co-occurring mental health disorder? Do you feel alone in your addiction? You are not alone. A Psychology Today article points to the fact that as many as 10 percent to 12 percent of all physicians will potentially develop an alcohol or other drug problem at some point during their career. When you engage in abusing alcohol or in abusing other drugs, you allow those substances to affect your ability to practice medicine, along with allowing your substance abuse to affect your overall health and well-being.

doctor at a drug and alcohol treatment program for physiciansPsychiatric Times contributors explain that while physicians generally have better overall health, and lower mortality rates compared to the general population, physicians do not have similar protections against substance abuse. Other medical professionals are just as prone to substance abuse and the need for drug and alcohol treatment. An American Nurse Today article revealed that impaired nurses have a 10 percent to 15 percent risk of being in recovery for substance abuse at any time. The same situations that affect nurses similarly affect doctors that need drug and alcohol treatment for physicians, including:

  • Inability to provide proper patient care
  • Inability to provide safe patient care
  • Risk of providing care to the wrong patient
  • Using drugs meant for patient treatments
  • Fear of disclosure because of fear of losing your job and being reported

The healthcare professionals such as yourself, or your loved one, generally understand that the risks associated with seeking treatment far surpass the risks associated with continuing your alcohol abuse or substance abuse.

How Do I Get Treatment from Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs for Physicians?

Realizing that you need help for your addiction is the first step. BoardPrep professional staff members have the expertise to help you through your admission process, and through every step of your recovery.

We provide you with a safe, clean, upscale environment for your treatment, and guide you through your recovery. The rehab for professionals offers the drug and alcohol treatment programs for physicians, and other healthcare professionals.

There are challenges with physicians and others in the healthcare industry with substance abuse, and with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Every physician walking through our doors receives an individualized assessment. The comprehensive assessment helps determine your specific treatment needs. Just as the treatment needs of your patients are not the same, neither is the treatment needs for every doctor. You receive a comprehensive treatment plan developed for your individualized needs. We guide you through your entire treatment and through your aftercare.

Do not put your patients, or your career at risk any longer. Do not continue the downward spiral that affects your physical and your mental health. BoardPrep staff are here for you. Contact us today at 866.796.4720 and start on your road to recovery.