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Addiction changes all aspects of your life. You take on negative behaviors and mindsets while losing control of your past priorities. But through your BoardPrep Recovery Center® psychotherapy program, you can return to a healthier, happier way of life. With trauma therapy in Tampa, FL, and other programs, you can put substance abuse and mental health struggles behind you and re-prioritize, to once again start reaching your goals.

Role of Your Rehab Psychotherapy Programwoman stands on the beach in the sun relaxing after her psychotherapy program

Your psychotherapy program in rehab at BoardPrep Recovery Center® helps you achieve and maintain sobriety. Through this therapy, you learn to prevent relapse and cope with the stress of daily life. You also gain an understanding of your triggers, behaviors, situations, interactions, thoughts, and emotions and how these relate to your substance abuse.

Your triggers entice you to seek out drugs or alcohol and use these substances instead of dealing with your feelings. Whether these addiction cues are visual, people, places, events, sounds, or memories, you learn how to manage them in your psychotherapy program. You also change how you think when encountering recovery hurdles.

A psychotherapy program at BoardPrep Recovery Center® addresses your most personal needs. These needs include coping with major life events, healing from past trauma, and taking better care of yourself. One of the most important outcomes of your therapy is learning how to deal with day-to-day stress that we all encounter, so this stress does not overwhelm you.

If you suffer mental illness with your addiction, such as depression or anxiety, you have a dual diagnosis disorder. In dual diagnosis treatment, you learn how to cope with your mental illness symptoms and keep that condition from triggering self-medication through substance abuse. Many people also need medication for these conditions, as part of a two-pronged approach that includes therapy and medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Key Types of Therapy

Therapy, psychotherapy, and counseling are three different names for the same types of treatment. Within this realm of talk therapy, various methods help you in different ways. One approach works best for some people, whereas other approaches work better for others. You can also see unique benefits from multiple methods.

Because each type of therapy provides unique benefits, you need a well-developed psychotherapy program in Tampa, FL. Through engagement on multiple levels, you achieve better results.

The most popular therapies used in an addiction psychotherapy program in Tampa, FL are psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioral therapy. Because your treatment depends on your specific needs, your counselors develop an individualized treatment plan to provide the best possible outcome. Your BoardPrep Recovery Center® psychotherapy program in Tampa, FL may include:

While treating you as an individual is key to recovery from your addiction, your family also needs to engage in your treatment. Through family therapy, these important relationships heal and you learn better communication as a group. Together, you rebuild trust and understanding for greater compassion and awareness of each others’ needs. Through family therapy, you can end the cycle of substance abuse that typically affects generation after generation of families.

Individualized Addiction Treatment in Tampa, FL

BoardPrep Recovery Center® understands your unique needs for addiction recovery and fulfillment of your life goals. Even when you face professional or judicial outcomes from your past substance abuse, psychotherapy and other treatment methods at BoardPrep Recovery Center® help you get your life back on track. This treatment includes an individualized track of programs, such as:

Regardless of the condition of your life and career today, you can get back to a healthier, happier place in recovery. You simply need the right treatment and support to get there. This treatment includes a complete psychotherapy program designed for your individual needs. Contact BoardPrep Recovery now at 866.796.4720 to discuss your current situation and struggles with a caring counselor who can help you find a path through your problems.