Recovery from a mental health disorder is personal and often requires psychiatric treatment programs to fully overcome. BoardPrep methodically develops individualized treatment recommendations for each person, based on the findings of the clinical assessment. The assessment also helps predict an optimal estimated length of stay. Although the length of stay is always individualized to each person, an estimated length of stay is helpful for planning purposes and to alleviate any unnecessary anxiety. 


PHP with Housing and Mental Health Treatment Program for Professionals

BoardPrep’s PHP with Housing provides a private bedroom in an upscale residence, setting a relaxing tone, while a safe and clean environment reinforces a sense of security. Professionals in treatment at BoardPrep Recovery cherish the empathy and sensitivity shown by our team. With mental health treatment programs for professionals at BoardPrep, you can focus on your recovery with privacy, and without any judgment.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) are offered for both step-down care and for locals who do not require the added residential support of PHP with housing.  


Professionals Program

“Professionals Program” and “Health Professionals Program” designates BoardPrep as a specialty center with experience and expertise in the evaluation and treatment of career professionals in distress.

BoardPrep Recovery Center is an approved healthcare-specific treatment provider by Florida’s Department of Health, Professional’s Resource Network, and Intervention Project for Nurses. Furthermore, many other programs throughout the U.S. also refer their health professionals to BoardPrep.


BoardPrep Advantages

  • Approved by PRN, IPN, Florida Department of Health, and other State Programs
  • Engaging, Affordable & Great Location
  • Best-practice provider

Expert Advocacy

Professionals are not immune to stress disorders. Furthermore, treatment for mental health issues in professionals may come with specific challenges. Therefore, experience matters when it comes to understanding and providing proper treatment to professionals. Not surprisingly, the clinicians of BoardPrep Recovery Center have assessed and treated thousands of professionals from Florida and across the nation in the past 30 years. 

Specifically, special issues with licensed health professionals in treatment include:

  • proper assessment
  • special drug screening protocols
  • return to work planning
  • knowledge of regulatory bodies, monitoring agencies, and administrative rules

Learn More About BoardPrep

At BoardPrep Tampa, we offer a variety of programs and rehab for professionals. For example, these mental health and addiction treatment programs for professionals include:

Don’t let depression, stress, or substance use disorders control your life anymore. In fact, seek help with BoardPrep. To learn more about treatment for professionals in Florida, contact us today. You can reach our staff at 866.796.4720.

Making the right choice

BoardPrep Recovery Center, in beautiful Tampa, Florida is a private, exclusive, and affordable healing place that pays attention to the unique needs of each individual when they are in need of treatment services. You will not find a better approach, whether you are looking in Tampa or nationally.

We are an accredited and licensed mental health center offering highly effective and affordable treatment to individuals from across the country. Unlike some large inpatient rehab centers that are based on volume, our recovery approach is in the real world in dedicated, private residences, offering a warm and engaging environment that leads to meaningful change.

Our personalized recovery program offers a multidimensional approach to recovery. Our interdisciplinary team of licensed, certified, and highly experienced specialists evaluates each client and designs a customized, comprehensive plan for treatment and recovery.