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You make the right choice, when you decide it is time to end your substance abuse. But for many people, that decision costs more than they expect. This is why it makes sense to check out rehab insurance coverage options. Under the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), you probably have more of these options than you realize.

The ACA is an American healthcare system law. Throughout history, medical insurance in the United States maintained a tough position against paying for most addiction rehab costs. This made gaining important treatment and recovery impossible for most people. But today, you have options for affording your best chance of recovery.

How the ACA Opens Your Rehab Insurance Coverage Optionsdoctor reviewing Rehab Insurance Coverage options in Florida

The ACA certainly improved your rehab insurance coverage options. Under this important law, insurance policies do not consider addiction a “pre-existing condition.” This means your insurance likely covers many of your rehab costs.

This change also means you can explore rehab insurance coverage options for a new policy before entering rehab. Even with your addiction, health coverage and treatment become very real possibilities. You find these insurance plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace, by surfing the web or through your local insurance agencies.

If you worry about affording your new health insurance, the ACA provides tax credits according to your financial need. This makes paying for coverage less expensive. If Medicare or Medicaid provide your best insurance coverage, these plans cover more of treatment than ever before.

Today’s addiction treatment gains insurance support as completely as medical treatment for other health problems, under the ACA. This law made your addiction treatment insurance coverage options mirror options for other important healthcare, such as for diabetes, asthma or heart disease.

Rehab Treatment Covered by Health Insurance

Under the ACA, you gain many of the important addiction treatment services you need for strong recovery. These include addiction evaluation, intervention, medication, clinical visits, alcohol testing and drug testing. You also gain family counseling, individual therapy, group therapy and anti-craving medication. Your detox and other rehab services even become affordable through rehab insurance coverage.

When you shop for insurance coverage under the ACA and through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you gain access to five types of plans. Some of your options include:

  • Bronze plans covering 60 percent
  • Silver plans covering 70 percent
  • Gold plans covering 80 percent
  • Platinum plans covering 90 percent

Of course, you must explore your options to understand how much your insurance pays for in rehab treatment. One of the best methods of determining which plan works best or how much your insurance covers is to call your chosen rehab. Talk to BoardPrep Recovery Center® rehab admissions and verify your health insurance coverage. This one call informs you of your costs and what you must pay for to receive the highest quality of detox and rehab treatment.

Using Your Rehab Insurance Coverage at BoardPrep Recovery Center® in Tampa

In Tampa, Florida, BoardPrep Recovery Center® provides high-quality rehab treatment for young adults, adults and professionals. Many nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals turn to BoardPrep, when they need help to gain lasting recovery. You can too, thanks to your insurance policy.

BoardPrep Recovery Center® provides the right mix of therapies, services and support for your best recovery. For example, these programs and methods include:

To understand what your rehab insurance coverage pays for at BoardPrep Recovery Center®, call 866.796.4720 now. You can get the affordable help you need, so contact us now.