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Where many people find themselves stuck in the rehab entry process is at deciding on a level of care, which can be a confusing process. But the good news of rehab treatment is that your addiction assessment helps rehab professionals decide which level of care best meets your needs. This early assessment also helps gain your insurance policy support for your program. For many, the right option is partial hospitalization program treatment.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

When thinking of rehab treatment, most people naturally think first of inpatient or residential programs. These popular treatment programs involve living at the facility 24 hours per day and seven days per week. This treatment keeps you safe and secure, away from daily triggers and temptations of normal life. After you gain helpful therapies and education, you have the relapse prevention skills needed to return to your life at home among family, friends and coworkers.

But for many, inpatient rehab at a partner facility is too intensive. It restricts their daily living too much, as they do not suffer such intense addiction. Instead of having only one type of program to choose from, many rehabs offer other levels of care as alternatives to inpatient treatment. These other programs include a partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient rehab and outpatient treatment.Partial Hospitalization Program and PHP in Florida

A partial hospitalization program combines the best elements of inpatient rehab with a less structured outpatient program. Therefore, in partial hospitalization treatment, you have security of the rehab environment in many ways, plus some freedoms and real world immersion of OP treatment.

In a partial hospitalization rehab, you stay at the rehab facility all day. But after gaining all of your therapies, support program and treatment services for the day, you return home. You sleep in your own bed and see your loved ones at night. Then each day for the duration of your treatment, you go back to the facility for this daily routine. PHP with housing is also available at BoardPrep Recovery Center® when structured housing may be beneficial.

Partial hospitalization treatment best meets your needs if you maintain some control over your substance abuse. People with short-term addiction do well in these programs. But those with many years of addiction usually benefit more from more structured and safer inpatient rehab treatment.

In a partial hospitalization program, you undergo the same therapies as in inpatient rehab. You work on your addiction alongside some in outpatient or IOP programs. So receiving this level of care does not mean you miss out on important therapies or services.

Deciding on Your Own Treatment Needs

When you seek rehab treatment from fully licensed and accredited BoardPrep Recovery Center®, you gain the help of leading professionals in deciding upon the right level of care. Your addiction is very personal and unique to you. For this reason, your treatment planning is highly customized with recommendations according to your unique needs. All of this planning starts with an addiction assessment.

You possibly start your rehab in one level of care, then transition to a lower level of care as you learn and grow. A good example of this is starting in partial hospitalization and changing to an outpatient or intensive outpatient program in Tampa, FL at BoardPrep Recovery Center®.

Your level of care is not meant to punish or restrict you during a partial hospitalization program. Instead, it keeps you safe from relapse. That is the number one goal of your recovery: staying sober for treatment. After all, the longer you remain sober and the more you learn about doing so, the better your program works for you.

Tampa, FL Rehab Treatment

Your level of care at BoardPrep Recovery Center® in Tampa, FL, includes therapies, treatments, and other services, such as:

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