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Women have unique needs when it comes to addiction and mental health treatment. That’s why a rehab center such as BoardPrep Recovery is an important place for women to seek help.

At a women’s rehab center, women can feel comfortable and safe while they receive treatment. They can also be around other women who are going through similar experiences. This can make recovery more successful.

Women’s rehab centers often have staff members who are trained to deal with the unique needs of women. This can include dealing with pregnancy and parenting issues, trauma, and eating disorders.

Being around men can be counterproductive for some women in therapy. Why? Because they may feel like they need to compete with men or prove themselves. In a women’s rehab setting, there’s no need to worry about these things.

Gender-specific treatment can help women feel more comfortable discussing sensitive topics. This can make it easier to address the underlying issues that led to addiction or mental health problems.

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Addiction, Dual Diagnosis, and Mental Health

Women at a women's rehab centerPrivate rooms and a personal touch set the Women’s Rehab Program at BoardPrep apart. Furthermore, a trauma-informed approach assures important issues are addressed while in women’s rehab Tampa can trust. Additionally, therapy and all activities are 100% gender-specific at BoardPrep. This creates a sense of safety for women and allows the important work of addiction recovery to begin.

Women attend a minimum of four women’s 12-step meetings weekly while at BoardPrep’s women’s rehab center. This practice helps facilitate the process of learning the value of “women helping women.” Additionally, selecting a female sponsor and a strong women’s home-group strengthens recovery after treatment.

The Women’s Rehab Program at BoardPrep intentionally limits the number of women in our recovery residence. Therefore, all have private rooms and shared social areas. This assures each woman receives the time and attention needed for recovery. “When people select a treatment center, they usually do not have a goal of making 50 new close friends,” says Liz Harden, Executive Director. Yet depersonalized, large-population experiences have become the new norm in many treatment centers. Instead, BoardPrep utilizes enhanced-engagement strategies that improve patient satisfaction and improve recovery outcomes.

Learn More About BoardPrep’s Women’s Rehab Program

At BoardPrep Tampa, we offer a women’s rehab program to help individuals receive the best gender-specific programming. For example, our gender-specific treatments include:

  • Women’s rehab program: Therapy groups that focus on topics such as relationships, body image, and trauma.
  • Outpatient drug rehab: This treatment option is flexible and can be tailored to each individual’s needs.
  • Medical detox: The first step in addiction treatment. It helps to rid the body of harmful toxins.
  • Drug and alcohol rehab services: This is a comprehensive treatment program that can help women achieve long-term sobriety.

Don’t let your addiction win. Instead, seek help with our women’s rehab program at BoardPrep.

Why Physicians Refer to BoardPrep

We strongly believe in brain science at BoardPrep. Additionally, we provide around-the-clock medical supervision and open communication. Our staff will also work closely with your personal doctor for documentation handoff and more.

  • Vivitrol Provider
  • Hospital Services
  • Court Services

Do You Need a Women’s Rehab Center in Tampa, FL?

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or mental health issues, a women’s rehab center can help. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Always remember that recovery is possible.

Are you ready to find balance in your life through our women’s rehab program? If so, contact BoardPrep Recovery Center® today at 866.796.4720. Our team of professionals will guide you on the right path to sobriety with women’s drug rehab. Don’t let your addiction become any stronger. In fact, you can overcome the challenges of substance abuse with our guidance, support, and effective treatment.