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woman at alcohol rehab for physicians listening to therapist at alcohol rehab for physicians in tampa flAddiction can strike anyone at any time – and could be particularly devastating to individual professionals. For example, physicians with alcoholism threaten their lives and those of others. Thankfully, alcohol rehab for physicians can help. At BoardPrep Recovery Center®, we provide a myriad of care options that should help you during alcohol rehab for physicians in Tampa, FL. So please read on to learn more about how you can stay clear of alcohol for good.

Learn more about drug and alcohol treatment programs for physicians in FL.

Physician Alcohol Addiction Statistics

Physicians consistently experience a high level of stress that can make their lives and career more challenging to handle. That is why around 10-12 percent of all doctors will develop a substance abuse disorder at some point in their lives. A significant portion of them may turn to alcohol after their shift is over as a way of overcoming anxiety and letting go of the stress that may impact them.

Unfortunately, a doctor may develop an addiction that stretches beyond at-home use. They may find that they need a drink to “steady” their hands during surgery. That kind of alcohol use pattern is hazardous and could impact anyone who visits the doctor. In this situation, alcohol rehab is a critical way of helping a physician get off alcohol. In this way, you can become a happy and healthy person.

How Alcohol Rehab for Physicians Can Help

If you are a physician suffering from addiction to alcohol, help is available. The alcohol rehab for physicians in Tampa, FL, gives you the advice that you need. When you visit us, you get access to many unique care options that help you beat alcohol addiction for good. A typical treatment plan walks through a multitude of steps, which will:

  • Identify why you abuse alcohol in the first place
  • Find triggers that may cause a higher risk of abuse
  • Detoxify your body from alcohol at a Tampa alcohol detox center
  • Discover emotional problems and trauma that affect your alcohol abuse
  • Create coping mechanisms that help you stay away from alcohol
  • Manage your adverse addictive patterns of behavior

All of these care options are available at a center for alcohol rehab for physicians. Just as importantly, you can receive other treatments that give you the best chance at a drug-free life. If you suffer from polysubstance abuse – abusing more than three drugs at the same time – this type of rehab is particularly essential. For example, if alcohol, cocaine, and tobacco impact your career as a physician, contact us at BoardPrep Recovery Center® to get help.

Other Ways We Can Help

At BoardPrep Recovery Center®, you get access to alcohol rehab for physicians Tampa FL residents can trust. However, we also provide many other care options that can help you. These include a myriad of unique recovery tools that will give you the best chance of overcoming your addiction. Just a few that you may want to consider include:

  • A 21-bed PHP center in FL – Our quasi-residential care option provides you with day and night treatment and a variety of other help options
  • Detox – Overcome your physical addiction by getting rid of the substances in your body and regaining a sober and healthy lifestyle
  • Professional care – Get detailed alcoholism treatment in a center that allows you to stay active and busy in your career field
  • Dual-diagnosis – Receive detailed psychological help to manage your emotional dependence on substances and other health problems
  • Trauma therapy – Assess how trauma has affected your emotional health and the ways that you abuse substances

Make sure to carefully choose the options that appeal the most to you before you visit us. Also, talk to your primary care physician to ensure you are making the right choice. These professionals can help you gauge your overall health. Then, they can work with you and rehab specialists to balance your needs with those of your recovery. In this way, you can ensure your success in treatment.

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