A therapist comforts a patient suffering from opioid abuse

Treating Opioid Abuse

Opioid prescription drug dependence can happen easily, often without a person realizing they’ve become dependent. Sadly, opioid abuse can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms when you try to kick the habit. Fortunately, medically supervised opioid detox in Tampa, FL, offers the tools and support needed to stop opioid use safely and effectively. BoardPrep Recovery Center®

A man dealing with alcohol and burnout in the workplace

Using Alcohol to Deal with Burnout

Workplace burnout often leads to alcohol addiction. Overwhelming workloads, too many responsibilities, and stressful workplace relationships often lead an employee to seek temporary escape through alcohol. When alcohol use turns into dependence, alcohol rehab for professionals provides help for overcoming addiction. Professionals face unique challenges when it comes to addiction in the workplace. When your…