A therapist comforts a patient suffering from opioid abuse

Treating Opioid Abuse

Opioid prescription drug dependence can happen easily, often without a person realizing they’ve become dependent. Sadly, opioid abuse can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms when you try to kick the habit. Fortunately, medically supervised opioid detox in Tampa, FL, offers the tools and support needed to stop opioid use safely and effectively. BoardPrep Recovery Center®

A young woman binge drinking in college

Binge Drinking in College Concerns

Almost everyone who attends college enjoys some newfound adult freedom while there. This is part of growing up. While on campus, 80% of college students drink alcohol, even underage. For almost half of these, binge drinking in college cause friends and loved ones great concern. The problems don’t end with graduation. Binge drinking behavior can…

Man thinking about narcotics vs. opiates

Narcotics vs. Opiates

What are the qualities of narcotics vs. opiates? “Narcotics” is a catch-all term referring to painkillers that dull the senses. Opiates refer to substances made from natural opiates and synthetic products called opioids. Today, the term narcotics also covers opiates. If you want to stop using narcotics, BoardPrep Recovery Center®’s opiate detox program in Tampa, FL…

A woman pondering the idea of DBT techniques

DBT Techniques for Treating Substance Use Disorders

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is a type of psychotherapy used in addiction recovery. Psychologist Marsha M. Linehan developed the therapy to treat suicidality. Now substance abuse treatment centers in Tampa, FL, and elsewhere, use DBT techniques as first-line treatment for severe forms of mental disorders. They include those who don’t respond to standard treatments, such…

A woman worried about taking alcohol and prescription drugs

Mixing Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

In our society, alcohol use is legal and widely accepted. In moderation, many adults consume alcohol responsibly, but used in access, alcohol can create a litany of problems. One of the ways that alcohol use can escalate to becoming extremely problematic is when alcohol is mixed with prescription drugs. Though these medications are often prescribed…

a man struggling to conceal his drinking at work has to meet with his boss

How to Address Drinking at Work

Drinking at work can be a serious problem, and it can lead to a range of negative consequences for both the employees and the organization. From the impaired judgment and reduced productivity to increased absenteeism and the potential for accidents, alcohol use at work can cause a damaging ripple effect. When someone is struggling with…