a man struggling to conceal his drinking at work has to meet with his boss

How to Address Drinking at Work

Drinking at work can be a serious problem, and it can lead to a range of negative consequences for both the employees and the organization. From the impaired judgment and reduced productivity to increased absenteeism and the potential for accidents, alcohol use at work can cause a damaging ripple effect. When someone is struggling with…

opioid pills in a bottle representing an update on the opioid epidemic

Update on the Opioid Epidemic and Opioid Addiction Treatment 2020

Opioids are the class of drugs that are naturally found in the opium poppy plants. They are prescription medications that are used for the treatment of chronic or acute pain. Among society, these drugs are widely feared for their association with addiction, abuse, and adverse effects. Because these drugs can make you feel relaxed, they…

person using laptop for online addiction treatment at boardprep recovery

Online Options at BoardPrep Recovery Center®

The following services and programs are now available, when clinically appropriate, online at BoardPrep Recovery Center®. Evaluation Day/Night Treatment (also known as PHP) Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Outpatient Alumni Support Group Family Education Group Family Sessions One-to-one sessions Group Therapy Twelve Step Meetings Psychiatric medication management Please contact our Admissions Office at 866.796.4720 for more information.