A woman dealing with depression at work

Recognizing Depression at Work

Can your job make you depressed? The answer is a resounding “yes,” and workplace depression is more common than you might think. Depression at work doesn’t usually go away on its own. Depression treatment for professionals can provide support with handling work-related depression so that your job doesn’t leave you feeling drained. BoardPrep Recovery Center®

Man thinking about resentment in recovery

6 Tips for Dealing with Resentment in Recovery

A popular expression at AA meeting is, “Never forget that resentment is a deadly hazard to an alcoholic.” We always think about the joy of breaking free from addiction. It’s true that there’s joy when this happens. However, a lot of emotions come up even when your life is going in the right direction. Let’s…

Man with psychological dependence to alcohol

What is Psychological Dependence?

Psychological dependence can be difficult to understand and can be a significant obstacle to recovery for people struggling with addiction. This term refers to the psychological cravings, urges, or behaviors that are experienced in response to continued substance use. It can include feelings of compulsion, obsession, and preoccupation with obtaining and using substances. Understanding the…

group entering treatment for professionals

How to Choose the Best Drug Treatment for Professionals

Professionals struggling with addiction need help just like anyone else. More and more addiction treatment centers have begun offering treatment for professionals. The specialized care and unique approach in these programs give professionals the best chance at experiencing life transformation that shatters the bonds of addiction. Finding the right drug treatment for professionals is the…

doctor struggling with being one of the many addicted professionals

The Dangers of Addiction Among Medical Professionals

Addiction can affect everyone. That even applies to medical professionals who have dedicated their careers to supporting people’s health and wellness. Addicted professionals need help just like anyone else struggling with addiction. An awareness of the unique dangers that present for medical professionals can help avoid addiction altogether or at the very least support in…

woman gets dual diagnosis for addiction recovery

What Treatments Are a Part of Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis treatment is a program that treats addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder at the same time. This treatment option is in contrast to the historical norm, sequential treatment. In sequential treatment, patients received treatment for only their addiction before a treatment program addressed a co-occurring disorder such as depression. Unfortunately, that method…

man celebrates mental health awareness

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Month. The event, sponsored by the National Alliance of Mental Illness, encourages people to spend some time thinking about their mental health and what they may be able to do to support others who need it. Raising mental health awareness is critical due to the ongoing stigma that often leads people…

a health professional effects addicted professionals

How an IOP Benefits Addicted Professionals

IOP is an addiction treatment level of care that fits well with working individuals’ schedules. They can seek recovery assistance while maintaining a career. For anyone who struggles with addiction but must keep working, IOP could serve as an answer. To learn more about this treatment option, please contact BoardPrep Recovery Center® today at 866.796.4720.…

Dr. explains what Co-occurring disorders are

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

Many people are faced with the combined challenges of a mental health condition and an addiction to drugs or alcohol. These types of co-occurring disorders present special challenges when it comes to obtaining proper treatment. The material below will discuss more information about detecting and treating a dual diagnosis. Substance abuse is rarely a simple…